Big Belt Buckles Are Making A Comeback - Here's How To Style Them

Accessories can instantly take an outfit from drab to fab. They are the perfect way to add pops of color, different textures, and distinct designs.  When it comes to using accessories to mix up a look, bags and jewelry typically come to mind. However, there is one tried-and-true accessory that doesn't get enough credit in that particular department: belts. 

A functional yet fashionable addition to any ensemble, a good belt is not to be ruled out. "Belts are an easy way to revamp any outfit all year round," luxury designer Simi Singh explained in Harper's Bazaar. "They can make a statement in any season." And while a simple belt almost always does the trick when you're trying to create a certain silhouette, you could take a look at the '00s-inspired fashion trends and give a bold and chunky belt a whirl. Here's how you can style big belt buckles and achieve timeless looks.

Studded belt buckles make a glowing statement

Your belt buckle is like a pendant. People will notice the strap, but the clasp is the star of the show. A studded buckle pays homage to earlier fashion trends, yet modern day styles make it feel au courant. A large, shimmering belt buckle is a fun way to bring a dash of sparkle to more subdued outfits. It is best to keep the rest of your jewelry minimal when choosing a flashy buckle, as big earrings or long necklaces will steal too much focus from the belt. 

Metal buckles create an alternative look

The material and design of your belt buckle can create a specific aesthetic for your outfit. While cloth pieces can be soft, metal materials construct an edgier look. Plate-style buckles also cover more square inches in their design compared to frame-style buckles. It is the difference between getting the whole canvas versus the outline. Metal buckles, especially in the plate style, have a rugged feel. They are perfect for adding a dash of grunge to an outfit, the same as a leather jacket or pair of Doc Martens would.

Coordinate with your big belt buckle

The bigger the buckle, the better. The same can be said about the band. Of course, a belt with an extra wide band won't fit through most belt loops, but it can go over a sweater, on top of a dress, or even around a coat. If you do wear a big belt over your jacket, try to tie it in with the colors of the outfit you're wearing under the jacket for a super chic look. This is a great way to spice up your topcoat when scarves are out of season.

Simple still stands out

The trend might be big buckles, but they do not always have to be over-the-top pieces. Frame-style clasps are sleek and chic. You can wear it as if you were styling a simple belt. Use it to break up patterns, add flair to jeans, or draw attention to your midriff. A big yet simple buckle will pair well with any outfit, and it is suitable for the office or date night. You can throw it on as a last-minute accessory or plan your entire outfit around it.

Big buckles are the cherry on top of patterned belts

Calling all the maximalists. A patterned belt is already a statement piece, but with a sizable buckle? It can't be missed. Big buckles are your chance to double down on the pizzazz. It is an effortless way to elevate a casual outfit or turn basic closet staples, like the white button-down, into glam statements. Geometric patterned belts are abstract designs that can add structure and dimensions. Or opt for something like animal print, which offers a pop of fun while sticking to neutral colors.