Coral Nails Are Everywhere For Spring. Here's How To Find Your Perfect Shade

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Your nails are itching to get a bit of spring added to them, but you aren't so sure that coral will look good with your skin tone. So then, it's a good thing that not all coral nail polish is created with the same tones. Coral can come in variations of muted peach to vibrant oranges to sunset pinks to flaming reds. Who knew there were so many shades out there to choose from?

Don't let the coral trend die without trying a few shades on your fingers. A sunset coral might just set off your new tan perfectly, while a light peach coral screams spring on your fair fingers. Plus, it works great with any outfit, and your fingers aren't going to outshine your makeup and hairdo — unless you want them to, of course.

Find the perfect color for your spring manicure. You never know, one of these shades might just become your new year-round color sensation.

Mellow coral tone for a night out

If coral nail polishes are lighting up your Instagram feed, you're probably ready to hop on to the trend with both feet running. However, if you aren't all about those bright, neon coral shades, keep it muted with Nina Ultra Pro's My Favorite Melon Nail Lacquer.

It gives you all those fun coral vibes but keeps it mellow. It's great for mixing and matching with other colors or just brightening up your tips, and no skin tone can go wrong with a melony, orange coral. It's a shade that is ready for the beach, or maybe just a beach-inspired drink at the club.

Bright coral you can't ignore

Do you want a coral that draws all the attention? This warm, orange tone might be just the heat your fingertips are craving. The rich glow of the color from @nailsbyj03 truly gives off a blazing, hot aura that will have everyone stopping to admire your nails. It's a perfect show-stopper to get you ready for warm weather or set off that tan you've been working hard for. It also adds a bit of brightness to those with fairer fingers. 

Sheer pink coral for work or pleasure

If you have a lot of pink tones in your skin, you probably find that sheer hues work to add a little pop to your nails without demanding all the attention. Cirque Colors Jelly Sheer Coral Pink is right up your alley. It gives your nails a delicious hint of pink for a healthy glow.

Just like the name suggests, this color is going to look bright and cheery on your nails. It's one of those versatile corals that's perfect for a night out with your bestie but still works in the boardroom.

Flashy coral color to burn up the night

If you love a bright polish but don't feel like the more orange-leaning corals work on your skin, you might want to make a statement by choosing a red coral tone.

Christian Louboutin The Pops Nail Colour in Edgypopi is sure to brighten up your life. With warm, vibrant red hues, Edgypopi lights up the night wherever you lay your fingers. It's one of those colors that smolders with a slow, luxurious burn. Plus, the bottle with its stiletto top will look pretty cool on your vanity.

Funky coral designs for a hint of fun

Coral nail polish doesn't have to be plain or boring, and you can spice up a bright coral tone by making it part of a design. The groovy wave manicure by @nailartbysig provides a nice pop to the vibrant Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal from OPI and blends nearly seamlessly with the natural pink of the nail.

It also provides a fun feel as it moves from coral to burnt orange to blue. It's a nail that screams from the rooftops that days at the beach are almost upon us.

Deep orange coral hue for loud nails

You don't want your nails to hide among the crowd. It's just more fun to have the color dance off your fingertips, screaming "look at me." If that's your style, then Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer is guaranteed to give you what you want. With a name like Snap!, you know it's going to be an attention grabber.

Snap! is one of those orange coral tones that can look great on its own or be jazzed up via some fancy nail art. However, it's a daring hue that looks striking against cool, light skin tones. It also works well to complement warm skin tones with orange undertones.

Hot pink coral for a little spunk

You may have noticed that orange shades just don't look good on you, but that doesn't mean you need to steer clear of coral nail polish. Coral colors have a lot of range, including this bright pink tone from Red Carpet Manicure.

Girls Got Spunk is a hot nail dip within that perfect coral pink range that fits beautifully with a rosy skin tone. It also pops nicely on warm, dark fingers because of the vibrant pink hue. In addition to being fade-resistant, Red Carpet boasts long-lasting, vibrant colors you won't want to live without. 

Chrome coral nails that pop

Orangish pink coral tones look great on everyone. They don't have the heat of neon coral looks, but they bring out the richness of a brown or olive skin tone. It's the perfect color to accentuate a long square nail and make a shorter nail give off those chic vibes.

Adding a chrome over the coral makes the color dance right off your nails. You'll have a hard time not moving your fingers this way and that, enjoying the range of shine. 

Sunset coral for relaxing vibes

There is nothing more beautiful than those muted pink and orange views that take your breath away during a sunset. Zoya allows you to add that color to your fingers through their unique Cora color. Described as a coral cream, Cora provides a brightness to a dark skin tone and adds a rich fire to those with fairer skin.

It works well in conjunction with reds and creams, as well as on its own. This vegan formula dries fast, so you'll be ready to walk out the door in minutes.

Neon coral hues for a modern look

You might love the look of neon but aren't exactly sure if you can pull it off. If so, neon coral might be just the color you've been looking for. It sets your nails on fire but doesn't overwhelm fair or dark skin tones. Using a bit of neon coral inspiration, @sonneblomnails combines faded tips and bold coral sparkles to create a unique look.

The neon tips work perfectly to add a little fire before fading into the pink nail beds. While this looks great on long nails, it could also work on short nails and various tips to truly create an electric look. Plus, the sparkle on the ring finger sets everything off perfectly. 

Bold coral nails that make a statement

Are you looking for nails that remind you of swimming in the ocean and experiencing the coral reefs for yourself? Green Nail Polish in Coral Reef will take you there with just a stroke of the applicator. Created using plant-based ingredients, it provides the perfect combination of red and orange to bring your snorkeling adventures to your fingertips.

The color is going to fulfill your heart's desire, but the benefits are what is going to truly sell you. Green provides a cruelty-free, non-toxic, and vegan nail polish in packaging that's easy to recycle.

Dazzling pink coral for cotton candy dreams

Peachy pink coral is a classic look that's easy to spice up with a few fun flourishes, and nail guru @mynailielife shows us just how fun classic coral can be with her design. She uses hearts and fun flamingos to create a lovable look on the middle and ring finger. The polish gives off a glossy finish and the shade looks super cute on darker skin tones. While it looks positively radiant on brown skin, classic coral is a color you can't ever go wrong with on any skin tone.

Flirty pastel coral hue for a playful look

Bubble gum pink is out! But you can get the same flirty look by trying a pink coral with a slight orange tinge. Duri polish in Call Me Maybe gives off those spirited spring vibes that all nails love. This floral shade works in all seasons and provides a glossy, high shine.

Better yet, it's a long-lasting formula created without formaldehyde and camphor. Additionally, the coverage goes on fast to create a gel effect. Your nails are going to tell everyone that you're ready for spring. 

Shimmer up your coral nails

You don't need to hit the salon to get the coral nails you found on Instagram. You can make miracles happen right at home without breaking the bank. L'Oreal Paris offers a shimmering experience with their Orange You Jealous nail polish that looks like it jumped right out of the sea. 

The polish formula is chip-resistant and designed to be applied in several coats. This shimmery nail polish provides summer feels that will have you craving warmer weather. It's a look designed for everyone that can be mixed and matched perfectly with other coral shades.

Spicy coral formula to bring the heat

Just because you've decided to go coral, that doesn't mean your nails are going to lose their spice. This rich, red coral color adds a bit of chili spice to the orange and pink hues to give you nails with red hot flavor. The shimmery glow of The Floor Is Guava from Holo Taco will make every moment sizzle. While this shade can look good on any skin tone, the rich tones look best on tan, deep skin.

There is nothing boring about a coral nail polish. With so many different colors available, you're bound to find the right shade to make your skin look radiant.