Need To Switch Nail Techs? You Can Leave Your Old Manicurist With No Hard Feelings

Making the decision to invest regularly in your nail game can be fun and exciting. While there are many different types of nail looks that vary in price, none of them are particularly cheap. Even the most basic gel polish will set you back and if you opt for acrylic nails or an intricate design, you're looking at a decent chunk of your budget. Of course, spending money on activities that bring you joy in life is definitely worth it. However, what happens when you stop jiving with your particular nail tech?

Finding the right manicurist can honestly feel like finding the right therapist; it may take some time and require a few trials. Although, once you get into the habit of booking regular appointments, it can feel like an insult to leave your old manicurist to find a new one.

It shouldn't matter if you are wanting for a change because you don't like how your nails have been looking or simply feel like you could build a better rapport with a different nail tech. It's important to know that change is okay. At the end of the day, your manicurist is providing a service and whether it's the quality of that service or the salon itself that isn't working for you anymore, you don't have to feel guilty for seeking someone new.

You can think of an excuse

As with many things in life that are easier said than done, cutting ties with your manicurist can feel like you're firing someone or breaking up with a friend. If the thought alone gives you anxiety, there are ways to navigate this situation without needing to confront the issue head-on. While avoidance isn't ideal, it can seem less emotionally draining.

If you have a recurring nail appointment set with a specific manicurist, one approach would be to find an excuse to take your name off the permanent calendar. Mentioning through text that you have some major expenses coming up and need to save money could work. You could also explain that you are learning how to keep your nail bed healthy and want to keep your nails natural for a while to give them a break. Another option is to say that you are going on a trip and need to keep your weeks open and flexible. Therefore, it's on you to reach back out but there won't be anything on the books.

When canceling with your nail tech, it's important to remember that you want the freedom to explore other options. This means cutting ties completely and not just postponing your standing appointment. This route allows you to move on while keeping things open for a possible return. While it is slightly deceitful, it's an approach that doesn't require vulnerability or any oversharing. Ultimately, this is done to protect your manicurist's feelings and leave you with options.

A little honesty is the best policy

Some may say that honesty is the best policy when it comes to all situations in life. However, when your honest perspective could hurt someone, putting some extra thought into how you deliver your truth is important. While ghosting your nail tech is not respectful, being overly aggressive with your criticisms is not necessary either. Therefore, meeting somewhere in the middle is ideal.

Since your manicurist could actually learn and improve from your constructive feedback, it may be beneficial to explain your true reasons for switching. Of course, this could prompt your nail tech to ask for another opportunity to provide what you want, whether it's a massage, cleaner polish, or more intricate designs. So, thinking about how to navigate that may be helpful.

Regardless of how much or little you say, it's understandable for your nail tech to be upset. They are losing a regular customer. However, they can feel sad about losing you as a client while still respecting your feelings and moving on with their business. Ending any sort of relationship you have can be nerve-racking but if you truly want to leave on a positive note, bringing a gift to your last appointment can be a great way to thank your nail tech for their time. There is no need to feel guilty for simply wanting a change, so pick out the best nail color for manifesting confidence and trust your gut.