'Bronde' Hair Is Having A Moment - Here's How To Rock The Understated Look

When choosing between blonde or brunette is the ultimate dilemma, why not just go for both? The new "bronde" hair is an emerging trend that everyone is going to want to rock as the warmer weather approaches.

It's not blonde, but it's not completely brunette, either. Instead, it's a beautiful, beachy hybrid of both shades that's just right for all of the low-maintenance girlies out there. With this hair color, you won't have to visit your hairstylist every few weeks for a touch-up. You can let your roots grow out naturally. It's the perfect middle ground for blondes who want to go a little darker, or for brunettes who want to lighten up their look. You may have even seen the look being sported by trendsetting celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Gigi Hadid, Beyonce, and Margot Robbie. Siobhan Jones, color ambassador at Headmasters, tells Glamour UK, "The key to achieving this color is to have lots of your natural base color showing through."

'Bronde' works with any hair type

According to Seniz Alkan, color director at Neville Hair and Beauty, you can achieve this look at the salon by asking for a balayage, ombre, or for highlights throughout your hair (via Glamour UK). The "bronde" hair color isn't just low-maintenance, but it's also extremely versatile and works with any hair type and length. As Amy Fish, hairstylist at the Larry King Salon, tells Byrdie, "It can be worn straight and curly hair can be made bronde, too — you just need to let your colorist know how you usually style your hair during your consultation."

When you're at the hair salon, tell your hairstylist that you're looking to add depth to your hair. "Bronde" is a multi-dimensional color that often uses more than one shade to perfect the warm, toned hairstyle. Whether you're a platinum blonde or a chocolate brown brunette, you can get a gorgeous variation of this new trending color.

How to get the 'bronde' look

There isn't just one universal shade of "bronde" but instead a wide selection of blends of colors that create the unique "bronde" look. For a darker overall shade, try the "bronde" espresso, a gorgeous blend of chocolate brown with a warm balayage. A few highlights in the front can really brighten up the face. For a slightly brighter tone, the "bronde" balayage is perfect for those with long locks who want a more whipped cappuccino hair look with caramel highlights throughout.

If you have naturally curly hair, go for an ombre "bronde" puff. With this color, you can keep the natural hair color of your roots while adding light blonde to your coils for a gorgeous shift in color. Or, you can opt for "bronde" tipped curls by keeping your root a natural dark shade and adding a caramel blonde at the tips of your curls. 

Embrace the ashy side of 'bronde'

If you really want to embrace the bright blonde color and step away from warmer tones, there are plenty of gorgeous light shades of this viral hair color to choose from. Bright "bronde" is great for those who have naturally lighter roots. The bright, nearly platinum shades won't contrast too much and will blend seamlessly with your hair. Ashy "Bronde" is another great option for those who love a darker blonde. It will give you a lighter color that doesn't have as much warmth or golden tones to it. Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Ashley Benson have been seen sporting the brighter side of this hair trend.

For those who are lightening their hair to achieve this color, we recommend using a moisturizing hair treatment to keep your locks hydrated and healthy. Try K18's Biomimetic Hairscience Mini Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask. This product is a holy grail for many and is known for clinically reversing damage to hair caused by bleach.