Coquette Hair Is Giving Standard Pigtails A Grown-Up Makeover

From the coquette nail trends to trendy coquette eyes, this ultra-feminine and soft-styled trend is all over TikTok recently. With frilly dresses, silk bows, floral embroidery, and even pigtails defining the look, there are so many ways you can have fun with this romantic style. In fact, pigtails have quickly become a trend that have come to define the coquette style and are no longer just a forgotten look of the past. Who says that you can't wear this hairstyle in a classy way as an adult? Now, there's finally a new, grown-up way to style coquette hair.


Coquette pigtails are a modern version of the infamous '90s-style pigtails we all remember seeing in Britney Spears' iconic "...Baby One More Time" music video. Today, you can find pigtails being styled on the runway of Paris Fashion Week 2023, where models sported girly yet classy pigtails that set the stage for the reemergence of this trend.

Pigtails have been a popular hairstyle for years

Naomi Campbell also rocked a feminine coquette hairstyle at the Loewe's Paris Fashion Week show with a colorful silk bow holding back her locks (via Yahoo!). Recently, Hailey Bieber embraced girly, coquette braided pigtails as well. They were held in place with two pink bows in an iconic feminine look that brought a breath of fresh air back into this trend.


Pigtail hairstyles have been around for decades and just like many trends, they've returned with a fun and modern twist. Hair historian Rachael Gibson tells Dazed Digital, "I'd say in the 1950s, when we started to see teen fashion evolve into its own thing rather than just dressing like a mini-me of your parents, we started to see more fun, youthful styles coming through in beauty." She adds, "By the 1960s women were wearing their hair longer and looser which is when we started seeing those real classic Brigitte Bardot pigtails, then in the 1970s it became part of the hippy look."

How to achieve coquette pigtails

Today's grown-up version of coquette pigtails is a lot more versatile than versions of the past. You can easily sport this look by parting your hair into two sections and tying two thin pigtails together with a silk ribbon to mimic Hailey Bieber's adaptation of the look. One TikTok user, Isabelle, gets creative by tying her hair into two braids and running a ribbon through each side to create a romantic, sultry hairstyle.


For an ultra-feminine and girly look, @douxfairy on TikTok shows off her unique version of coquette pigtails by adding two pigtails layered with small elastics that are then covered by pink ribbons she ties into bows. You don't need long hair for this style of pigtails. If you have short hair or bangs, you can still rock the look. TikToker @bubblegumsiss, with short black hair and bangs, showed off her simple ribbon pigtails.