The Glitter Removal Hack That Wipes The Slate Clean

One thing we love about makeup is how it makes us glow like we were on fire within. Sometimes, we need to add a little extra shine to our face to make those features really pop, and that usually means more highlighter and more glitter. Whether you're going for a casual look or pulling out all the stops, makeup glitter is a great way to stay fashionable and still make a statement.

Glitter has been a fashion and beauty staple for decades, from the rock-and-roll '70s to the vivacious '90s. The sparkle trend lingers even to today in our pop generation and we can't seem to get enough. However, one thing that could drive anyone over the edge is how glitter seems to just end up everywhere. If you thought using cosmetic glitter was hard, think of how tricky cleaning off the shimmery material is when you're wiping your makeup off. Needless to say, glitter doesn't always comply. This means you have to be clever when it comes to removing it, unless you're planning on joining the "My Little Pony" club. Thankfully, we have found some hassle-free hacks for getting rid of makeup glitter.

Quick and easy makeup glitter removal hacks

Cosmetic face glitter is different from other makeup types like foundation and concealer because it's made of aluminum covered in a form of plastic. Basically, although it is not toxic, it will not dissolve into a solution. If glitter is one of your go-to makeup looks, then you know how it can seem to hold on for dear life. Luckily, there are some easy ways you can wipe off glitter and the ingredients aren't hard to get.

You can use oil or an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup glitter from your face. Celebrity makeup artist Terri Bryant told that the oily substance can be applied onto the face with a cotton pad with a gentle grabbing motion, not by rubbing. According to Bryant, rubbing would cause the glitter to spread all over the area. After this, you can rinse your face with your usual cleanser. She also recommends repeating this a couple of times until your face is glitter-free.

Once this is done and most of the makeup has been removed, it's time to go in with a lint roller. This might sound silly, but if celebrity makeup artist Mary Wiles says it's a tried and true way to remove glitter, then we swear by it as well. The makeup guru made it clear to Brit + Co that the sticky adhesive on the lint roller will catch any stray glitter that the cleanser missed on your face and give you a more thorough cleanup. 

Stay safe while using cosmetic glitter

Cosmetic glitter has proven to the beauty world that it's no fad — it's here to stay. Knowing the proper way to apply it makes a huge difference between a smooth removal and a messy cleanup involving tears and tantrums. Don't forget that makeup glitter can be potentially harmful if misapplied, so be sure you use proper adhesives and cosmetic-grade glitter that is non-toxic to the skin.

In addition to using the correct ingredients on your face, you should always conduct a patch test. Start off by applying the adhesive and glitter on a small patch of your face first and wait a few minutes before concluding that it's safe enough for you to use. This is especially helpful for people who also have sensitive skin and are using the product for the first time. It also helps to check the instructions and ingredients label on the back of your product to make sure you're not skipping any important application steps.