How To Use Cosmetic Glitter For Lips And Eyes

It's officially festival season, which means that it's the perfect time to hone your cosmetic glitter application skills. Whether you're going to a music festival, raving at home with friends, or you're simply glamming up your look, as per Cosmopolitan, cosmetic glitter is the way to go.

According to Bustle, while glitter makeup can look incredible, it's important to be mindful of using glitter safely, warning that "wearing glitter can be dangerous if you're not using the right type in the right way." Plus, we don't need to even get into how difficult it is to get glitter off. 

Craft glitter is cut and dyed differently to cosmetic glitter and isn't safe to use on your lips, eyes, or skin in general. Makeup artist Hannah Hatcher explained that, "The tiny hexagonal cutting of the glitter can be sharp on your skin and cause microscopic tears, and the dye is all chemical based and not a true pigment and can cause skin irritation."

An important tip before you get started, according to Cosmopolitan, is to use only cosmetic-grade glitter on your face and to always perform a patch test before using glitter, to ensure that your skin isn't overly sensitive.

How to create the perfect glitter lip look

A handy hack for turning any cosmetic item into a glittery product is, according to celeb makeup artist Michael Anthony, to add glitter to a primer and apply it with a makeup brush or sponge, as noted by Cosmopolitan. So when it comes to creating the perfect glitter lip look, if you don't fancy splashing out on a glitter lipstick or you can't find the perfect color, Cosmopolitan suggested combining a cream lipstick with cosmetic-grade glitter — once you've applied the lipstick, simply dab the glitter onto your lips using your fingertip or a makeup brush.

Don't be tempted to use liquid lipstick instead of a cream based product as, according to Anthony, the glitter will end up flaking off. As per Bustle, makeup artist Hannah Hatcher suggested using clear lip gloss to "anchor glitter to your lips." She suggested either applying the gloss then packing the glitter onto it, or mixing the two together before applying to your lips.

Adding a little sparkle to your eye makeup comes down to application practices

As per Bustle, it's best to use a damp brush for applying glitter around the eyes and use a setting spray to dampen the brush. Eve Dawes agrees, suggesting that you can reduce glitter fallout by applying glitter with a brush or sponge sprayed with a makeup setting spray.

As per Cosmopolitan, an easy (and safer) way to stick sequins — or glitter — around your eyes is to use eyelash glue. Glitter artist Mia Kennington (possibly the best job title ever) recommended using a clear eyelash glue, which can be applied directly to larger gems or to the skin followed by packing glitter onto it. You can also use a glitter eyeshadow primer to apply glitter to your eyelids, but "for extra staying power, you could try applying glitter over eyelash glue," as per Bustle. 

Makeup artist Hannah Hatcher suggested to Bustle that using mica powder instead of cosmetic-grade glitter is a good call if you're concerned about skin irritation, and suggested using an oil-based cleanser for removing glitter makeup safely from the skin. She explained that the oil in the product will ensure no residue is left on the skin, causing soreness or irritation. So there you have it! Have fun with your glittery makeup, you now know all the tricks of the trade.