Our Styling Tips For Rocking Red Tights, The Boldest Trend In Legwear Right Now

Colorful tights have officially fallen back into favor with mainstream fashion, and we're ready to paint the town red with them. Check any style forecasting site (or even just your Instagram explore page), and you'll find that red tights are cropping up all over in fashion. It's one of the many '80s fashion trends that have officially made a comeback this year, becoming a fast favorite of maximalists and dopamine dressers dominating fashion's street style scene due to the instantly exciting burst of color they give to any outfit.

Add a bright pop of color to your ensembles when incorporating this bold, trendy fashion accessory into your everyday style. There are many ways to work it into your favorite outfits, from creating near-monochromatic looks to exercising color cohesion and continuity. Ahead, we examine some of the best looks styled with red tights and break down what made them so successful so you can use the style principles and suggestions to guide your method of styling red tights in the future.

Match them with your outfit's accent colors

Matching your red tights to the accent colors in your outfit is a clever way of maintaining balance in your ensemble so that the bright red hue of the tights doesn't overpower the entire look. Take a styling tip from fashion influencer Ines Silva who skillfully paired her red tights with clothing and accessories that contain the same color. Silva added dimension to the ensemble by applying this same technique to multiple colors within her outfit, like the matching shades of brown on her patchwork denim jacket, knee-high boots, and umbrella.

Create outfit cohesion

Using red tights to create outfit cohesion is a deceptively simple way to elevate an evening look. All you need is a matching outer layer and print, like the one Nina Sandbech wears in the example above. Sandbech's outfit demonstrates the power of color continuity, wherein her red leather jacket matches her tights and patterned dress, which pairs nicely with her heels. Take a page from Sandbech's playbook and style your red tights with matching clothing and accessories while adding another cohesive color to the mix.

Use red tights as a splash of color

A pair of red tights can be a transformative element to any outfit. Take Jazmine Roger's look above as a prime example. Roger incorporates red tights as a pop of color in her pastel ensemble, comprised of a long sleeve minidress with a ruffled high-neck collar and pink Mary Jane heels. By adding the punchy red tights (and bright blue bag), the sustainable fashion blogger turned an otherwise floaty and romantic outfit into a party-ready ensemble for New York Fashion Week.

Take the intensity up a notch

Just because red tights are associated with the style codes of maximalism doesn't mean that you can't wear them in a more streamlined way. Opting for a staunchly black and red look, like the one fashion blogger Sara Louise Thomas wore above, offers an alternative version of the red tights story. We see them styled here in a no-frills fashion, however, the passion and power associated with the color palette used still remain. The result is an intense and ultra-stylish everyday ensemble.

Pair it with pink and red hues

Throw out the notion that winter fashion has to be subdued. Slipping into a pair of red tights is the perfect antidote to gloomy cold weather and a great excuse to dress in shades of pink and red from head to toe. Take a style tip from fashion blogger Hannah Emily White, featured in the example above, and pair your red tights with funky fashion accessories, like a fuzzy top handle bag and sunglasses with unconventional frames.