Looking For A More Natural Boob Job? A 'Fat Vampire' Breast Augmentation Could Be The Answer

Plastic surgery has been popular since its inception, and whether we are faced with it daily or not, people from all over the world are going under the knife to alter parts of themselves that they don't like. In fact, according to Calcium Health, the majority of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures increased a ton between 2007 and 2020. Consistently popular procedures like nose jobs and liposuction continued to take the top spots, but newer procedures like cheek implants, forehead lifts, and lip augmentation increased a great deal — from 45% for lips to 1248% for cheeks.

Even with the large array of body parts that people are augmenting and changing, we often still immediately think of breasts when we think of plastic surgery. While breast enhancements are still popular (more popular than ever, per CNN), the types of boob jobs people are looking for have changed. A shift to more natural looks and avoiding sedation have been top concerns as of late. If this is what you're looking for, consider a "fat vampire" breast augmentation.

What is a 'fat vampire' breast augmentation?

A vampire breast lift has been circulating in the plastic surgery realm for a while now. This type of lift is a non-surgical procedure that provides fuller, firmer breasts without the pain, surgery, and side effects of a regular boob job. According to Rejuvenation MD, the vampire breast lift is safer and more budget-friendly, as it uses your own blood and platelet-rich plasma to produce collagen and give you a fuller look. The "Fat Vampire" breast augmentation takes things a step further.

Using the same initial methods as the vampire breast lift, the "fat vampire" version enhances it by taking your own unwanted body fat and putting it into your breasts. According to board-certified plastic surgeon Ritu Chopra, MD, the first step is liposuction to extract the fat, usually from places like your stomach, arms, or thighs. That fat is then combined with your platelet-rich plasma and injected into your breasts (via PopSugar).

What to expect from a 'fat vampire' breast augmentation

If the idea of going under the knife and getting a foreign object like breast implants placed in your body sends chills down your spine, but you still want a fuller-looking bust, you may be the perfect candidate for the "fat vampire" procedure. But just wanting it is not enough. According to Dr. Chopra, you must have enough fat on your body in order to make surgery worthwhile. Jessica Ourisman, who wrote about her experience with the procedure for PopSugar, said that she was told to gain about five pounds before she was qualified for the liposuction part of the surgery.

The entire procedure lasts about three hours and the recovery can last about 10 days or so, depending on the way your body heals. While you are advised to limit activity and wear a heavy-duty sports bra or compression garment for a few weeks, you can return to work and your daily life right away. Since this is a non-surgical procedure, it can take a bit longer to see real results. But after a few months, you'll have the fuller breasts you have always hoped for without any of the negative aspects that come along with a traditional boob job.