Spice Up Your Mani With The Star Nail Trend

As the weather begins to warm and we trade in our winter coats for the latest spring fashion trends, experts are predicting the return of vibrant colors, shimmering fabrics, and oversized silhouettes. Many of the bold and bright styles are reminiscent of our favorite era, Y2K, with reimagined sheer blouses and clear accessories flying off the shelves. But the trend doesn't end with your wardrobe: express your uniqueness from the top of your head down to your fingertips and toes by paying attention to the hottest new nail trends.

We are no strangers to the ever-changing nail trends — from the simple and chic clean girl nails to the dark and mysterious goth nail trend, we're willing to try just about anything when it comes to our manis (or ask our incredibly talented nail techs to try it out for us). The newest nail trend on the block will have you seeing stars, literally.

As the queen of horror Mia Goth once said, "I'm a star!" Channel your inner sparkle with these eye-catching star nail designs.

These nails are the star of the show

We are wishing on a star for these fabulous nails! Instagram account @ivyspaberlin (Ivy Spa Berlin) showed off their client's trendy mani featuring large white stars on top of dewy, natural-colored nails. The stars are front and center in this classic take on the trend, letting the five-pointed shape really shine. This look is a total statement piece while remaining subtle enough to pair with any outfit and every occasion, thanks to the understated color palette. 

Take your french mani to the next level

If you're looking for a sign to shake up your go-to nail style, here it is. This jaw-dropping set was designed by Instagram user @nailsbyariadne of Venus Beauty Studio, featuring blunt white tips with black stars sprinkled throughout. We absolutely cannot look away from this trendy twist on a classic nail design. The stars vary in size and number on each nail, and the wildly contrasting colors give us that extra pizazz we were missing from a traditional french manicure.  

Can't decide on a color? Why not all of them?

@forlovers.jpg of For Lovers Nails shared their unique take on the starry trend, and the results did not disappoint. We are convinced that this creator couldn't decide which color to paint their starry set, so they chose all of them! This colorful mani features bright blue, pink, purple, green, and silver stars spread across all ten fingers, achieving peak fun and flirty vibes. As if the vibrant colors weren't enough to make us fall in love, the airbrushed detailing behind each star gives this set the extra oomf it deserves. 

Accentuate with rhinestones

These nails take "star-studded" to a whole new level! This stunning set is another @nailsbyariadne creation posted on Instagram with the caption, "Western Chic." We are totally picking up on the Western vibes they are going for, thanks to the red gel polish and silver stars that sit right in the middle of each nail. The Wild West look is topped with a black rhinestone in the center of each star for an added layer of texture fit for Lady Gaga herself (in her Joanne era, obviously). 

Combine trends with these chrome star nails

As if the star nail trend couldn't get any cuter, we stumbled upon this darling mani by Instagram user @marijanenails. This nail artist combined our favorite astrological shape with a chrome and white color scheme that is out of this world. One hand features beautiful pink chrome nail polish with white stars decorating each nail, while the other hand rocks the same style with the colors inverted. The look combines the best things from multiple different nail trends to create an elevated manicure fit for a star. Some nails are fully coated, while others are not, drawing the eye even more to the intricate design.