How To Use The Olive & June Poppy Tool To Get Perfect At-Home Manicures

Sometimes, you want a professional-looking manicure but are unable to make it to the nail salon. There are tips and tricks you can utilize for an ideal at-home manicure and even some tools to simplify the process and make the end result look like it was done by a nail art expert.

One product that is a big help for home manicures is a patented creation from nail company Olive & June. Olive & June was founded in 2013 by Sarah Gibson Tuttle and is a nail salon in LA. The company also has an online store selling products to help people with manicures at home. On the "Our Story" page of the Olive & June website, Gibson Tuttle says, "We believe no matter who you are, where you live, what you do, or what you wear, you can have a perfect manicure that makes you feel like your best self."

Introducing the Poppy

Olive & June released a tool called the Poppy in 2019. The Poppy is a piece of rounded rubber that you attach to your nail polish brush and is meant to make painting nails with your non-dominant hand much easier.To get started with the tool, first, choose your nail polish of choice. If you are using nail polish from the Olive & June company, you will first separate the polish bottle's overcap from the inner cap and then affix the Poppy on top of the inner lid. (If you are using a different brand of nail polish, you can still use the Poppy as long as it fits over that polish bottle's cap.)

Once you have the Poppy and nail polish brush secured, you will be able to paint your nails as usual. Since the Poppy fits in your palm and can be gripped easier with your non-dominant hand, you can maneuver it with more precise brush strokes over the nails on your dominant hand. The overall result should be a cleaner manicure with less smudge.

The Poppy in action

The Olive & June TikTok account has posted a few videos showing how the Poppy works. In one video, the demonstrator explained how they usually struggle to paint with their left hand but not with the Poppy tool. After explaining that the tool should speed up the nail painting process, they added, "You'll have a comfy grip, more control for even, steady strokes."

In the comments of another video, a couple of TikTok users praised the device for its accessibility. One person said, "This is so neat! It would also be super helpful for people that have problems like arthritis!!" Another commenter said, "This is seriously so helpful! I love using it!" Whether you want a simple one-color manicure or something more intricate, such as the double ombré nail trend, Olive & June's Poppy would be a great addition to your arsenal of at-home nail care tools.