Everything We Know About I Love A Mama's Boy's Tia And Theous

Being a mama's boy can be a positive quality in a partner if all it means is that a man has a close, loving relationship with his mother. However, the label can also be a giant red flag if he truly relies on his mom to an inappropriate degree. The latter can naturally present conflicts when it comes to a romantic relationship. TLC's reality show "I Love a Mama's Boy" follows couples and mothers as they navigate the complicated issue together. The series premiered on October 25, 2020, and there have been three seasons so far. The network has yet to confirm a fourth season.

Theous and Tia were an especially intriguing case of mama's boy struggles on the show. Per the New York Post, the 42-year-olds had been together for more than a decade, both had children from past relationships, and they wanted to get married. Unfortunately for Theous, his unique relationship with his mother gave Tia pause.

It was love at first sight, but Theous' mom is a challenge

Despite their struggles explored on the show, the couple always had a lot of chemistry. Theous recalled meeting his girlfriend at a birthday party. "When she came out, I hauled a** and followed Tia," he said. 

When he went after her, the two hit it off quickly, exchanged numbers, and felt like they'd already known each other for a long time. Their relationship progressed from there, and Tia expressed her desire to tie the knot soon on the show. However, one glaring obstacle stood in the way: Theous' 69-year-old mother, Carolyn, who was still doing her son's bills, organizing his mail, and folding his laundry.

"I feel like an administrative assistant," Carolyn joked. Theous described his mother as his "ride or die" and revealed that he and Carolyn enjoy gambling, talking trash, and partying together. According to Tia, Carolyn even "milked" her knee surgery to get more time with her son. Tia recognized that the surgery was serious, but maintained that Theous' mother used it to her advantage.

Theous acknowledged his role in the conflict. "I do know I'm a hard pill to swallow," he admitted.

Tia put her foot down. "For this relationship to work, I have to see that he has my back 100%," she said on the show.

Tia knows Theous super well

When Carolyn, Theous, and Tia played a game of "Who Knows Theous Best," Tia answered nearly all of the questions right and without hesitation, too.

Tia correctly guessed that Theous prefers to go shopping with his mother because as she pointed out during the game, "She gonna buy everything that you want." The reality star explained that he also likes to go shopping with his son (who shares his name, Theous), but joked, "He ain't buying."

In other rounds of the game, Theous agreed with his girlfriend that his smile is his best physical feature, that he loves being outside by the water the best, and that he would buy a house and a boat if he became a millionaire.

When Tia won five to two, Carolyn defended her loss. "I'm looking at the times that I know him as of," she said. "I'm not around him like you are the current now."

Perhaps there's hope for Theous' mama's boy syndrome after all.