The Asymmetrical Bob Is Making A Comeback - Here's How To Get The Look

The only constant when it comes to trending haircuts is that they're always changing. If you want shorter hair, then you might be considering getting a bob. There are so many iterations of the bob hairstyle to try, like the asymmetrical bob, which puts a fun twist on the more traditional cut. Instead of having just one length of hair all around your head, the asymmetrical bob involves opting for a longer cut on one side only. 

This cut can suit people with any face shape because the style is so customizable. You can change just about everything about it, whether that means length, adding bangs, changing the color, or how you style your bob. Celebrities like Ashley Tisdale, Charlize Theron, and Selma Blair have all rocked the asymmetrical bob, and you can too, as long as you know what to ask for at the salon and how to change up your look to make yours unique.

What to ask for at the salon for an asymmetrical bob

The most important thing you can do when going to a salon for a new haircut or color is to bring multiple pictures of the look you're going for to show your stylist. It's likely they will be familiar with the asymmetrical bob, but it doesn't hurt to show them photos of what you like and what you hope your hair looks like at the end of your visit. 

If you're going for the asymmetrical bob, explain that you're looking for a cut that falls above your collarbone and is deliberately shorter on one side than the other. While a bob can look good on anyone, celebrity hairstylist Tommy Buckett pointed out that people with oval faces look incredible with any type of bob haircut, which includes asymmetrical bobs. 

"You can do anything from blunt to short or long, and it can be done on any hair type," he enthused with InStyle. People with round faces look best with longer bobs, however. As Buckett explained, "The best bob for a round face I would say must hit a little below the chin." 

Try a new color or add bangs for a unique look

If you want to make your asymmetrical bob feel more unique, you can add to your style by trying out a new hair color or even just adding some highlights. If you're thinking about adding bangs to your look and are wondering if they're right for you, the asymmetrical bob is a great style to pair them with.

When it comes to styling your asymmetrical bob, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on which look you're going for. L'Oréal recommends adding a side part to make your asymmetrical bob stand out even more. Part your hair toward the longer side and wear it straight or wavy. You can also add volume to your asymmetrical bob by using mousse before blow-drying your hair. 

And, if you want to try out the asymmetrical bob before you commit to the shorter cut, L'Oréal suggests pinning the ends of your hair up underneath to see what the cut would look like before cutting.