Beth Heyn

Photo of Beth Heyn
Detroit, Michigan
Central Michigan University
TV, Celebrities, Pop Culture
  • Beth has been covering entertainment news for four years.
  • She has a passion for writing about celebrities and fitness.
  • In addition to writing news, Beth works as a freelance technical writer and proofreader.


Beth has spent nearly half a decade writing entertainment news and covering reality TV for She has spent the years completely immersed in the celebrity entertainment world and has become an expert on all things pop culture. In 2021, she published her first novel, a young adult fantasy novel titled "Marked by Moonlight." She is passionate about writing and will cover anything from beauty and exercise trends to celebrity makeup routines.


Beth holds a Bachelor's degree in English language and literature with a minor in journalism from Central Michigan University. She also holds a Master's degree in English literature from Central Michigan University.
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