Transform A Regular Bra Into A Strapless With One Easy Adjustment

Bra straps can ruin a good tube top, one-shoulder dress, and any other strapless clothing. Bras are there to support you, not impede on your fashion statement. Bralettes and lingerie may be an exception, though, since they fall into the middle ground of fashionable undergarments. Sometimes going without a bra seems like the only option to avoid invasive straps. However, choosing to forgo these intimates isn't always the best idea. 


Going braless can cause serious back strain, especially if you have a larger chest. And despite the huge relief of taking your bra off at night, the extra lift it provides throughout the day is crucial. To enjoy that boost of a bandeau while keeping the straps at bay, simply turn your regular bra into a strapless one. We have an easy fashion hack so you can enjoy the best of both worlds without buying another strapless bra that won't stay up.

Make bra straps disappear with this fashion hack

It takes just five simple steps to turn your regular bra into a strapless undergarment. First, extend your straps as long as possible. Starting with the right strap, cross the band over your head. At this point, both belts will be on the left side. These two steps are actually a fashion hack for styling your bra to fit a one-shoulder top, FYI. To achieve the strapless look, there are a few more moves to make.


Next, carry the right strap from your left shoulder to underneath your left arm. Repeat these steps with the left strap. Bring the left band over your head to the right shoulder, then underneath the right arm. Both bands should wrap around the top of your chest. You can then adjust the length of the belts to where they sit comfortably. Just throw on your favorite sleeveless garb and bask in having no straps.

Unfortunately, this clothing hack is not without certain drawbacks. Some bra straps do not extend wide enough to wrap around your body. But, fear not. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you achieve a strapless bra in a pinch regardless. 

Other strapless bra hacks and alternatives

All you need is a paper clip to stop your bra straps from stealing the spotlight from the rest of your ensemble. Starting in the same manner as the previous hack, you'll need to loosen your bra straps first. However, they won't be squeezed around you this time. Instead, just leave the straps hanging loose under your arms and then wrap them around your bra cups. Afterward, fasten the bands to each other using a large paper clip or safety pin. 


So, instead of around your shoulders, the straps will be crossed in front of the bra. Easy like Sunday morning. The main problem with strapless bras is that they are notorious for slipping down. Every twenty minutes or ten steps, you'll find yourself yanking the bra up by its cups. To have your shoulders free but boobs supported, body tape is your best bet. Fola creates body tape for all shades and sizes. 

Their TikTok shows how well it matches with strapless tops too. The key to perfecting the application is to wear nipple covers and avoid any moisture on your chest. You can trade the body lotion for a talc-free powder to help the tape stick and absorb sweat a bit better. Either way, you won't have to worry about straps showing or bras falling down.