How To Use Gold Leaf To Glam Up Any Eye Look

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We live for dramatic eye makeup. The eyes are the windows to your soul, and our curtains are flamboyant. Glamorous eyelids are all about bold colors and unique designs. Glitter is the best of both worlds. Makeup artist Kirin Bhatty tells The Zoe Report, "I think glitter is a state of mind," and we agree. Bhatty, whose looks grace magazine covers and the red carpet, says, "You can be chic and have just a tiny hint of it in the inner corner of your eyes or as a super thin liner, or you can be full on and go for fully decked out lids."

Glitter makeup can fit any aesthetic, and the shiny sparkles are getting an upgrade. Gold leaf is the new glitter. It's all the glitz but more glam. Artists have used gold leaf for nail art, for fabulous lips, as a highlight, and even shimmered on the eyebrows. But on the eyelids is where gold truly sings, and here's how you can pull it off.

Get the perfect golden eye look

For this eye makeup, you'll need the key ingredient — gold leaf — imitation gold leaf, of course. Real gold is not in the budget for a one-day beauty feature. You can get gold leaf foil at the craft store or on Amazon. Professional makeup artist Alexandra Anele starts her gold leaf eyeshadow with a glitter primer. A glitter eye primer is tackier than a regular primer. You'll need that grip to help the gold leaf last all day.

A warning, gold leaf is messy. However, it is less messy than glitter. (Have you ever tried cleaning up glitter? It is a nightmare.) You'll want to use a tweezer or silicon brush instead of your fingers to apply the gold foil. The leaf can transfer onto your fingertips, but if you're going to use your digits, make sure they are dry. Simply press the gold flakes onto your eyelid; it will do all the work for you. The goal is to fill in your eyelids like a mosaic.

After placing your golden flakes, you can outline the border with eyeshadow or eyeliner to make it pop. A black or brown shade will highlight the color, or you can go for a vibrant hue to up the drama. But completely covering your eyelids in gold isn't the only way to use this leaf.

Soft gold leaf eye makeup

For a complete glam look, layering on gold leaf to your eyelids works just fine. However, you can still incorporate gold for subtle makeup looks. A wedding makeup design at Bridal Michiko showcased gold flakes just on the bottom eyelid. The lower lashes and lids usually get ignored when it comes to eye makeup but not today. The gold leaf was peppered under the lashes and mimicked a bedazzling eyeliner. This look is a superb, minimalist take on gold makeup and also an ideal makeup look for those with hooded eyes.

Another first-place eye look focuses the gold confetti on the center of your upper eyelid. Makeup artist Eleonora Cea created this look for a luxury designer brand's photoshoot. The gold leaf drew attention to the model's pupils. And Cea did not forget about the under eye. A simple circular flake in the center of the bottom eyelid rounded out this design perfectly. It screamed luxury without being over the top. So what are you waiting for? Your eyes are ready for their gold medal look.