Does Vaseline Really Work As A Lash Primer?

Out of all the components of a makeup look, getting your lashes to look right seems low on the list of difficulties. Yet, if you've ever tried to put on a pair of falsies or even sought out the right material for your false lashes, then you know how hard it can be. Even getting your pin straight lashes to stay in place isn't a walk in the park.

For lashes that refuse to hold a curl, it takes more than a simple swipe of your favorite mascara to accomplish the finished look. Whether false or enhanced with mascara, lashes complete every makeup look, so getting them perfect is worth the effort. If you're tired of trying every new mascara or lash curler marketed as the next big thing, try using old-school products.

A popular, yet untrue, eyelash hack that almost every girl tried in middle or high school was to use Vaseline for lash growth. While petroleum can't make your lashes grow, it definitely makes your lashes look nice. But can it help keep your mascara intact?

Can you use Vaseline as lash primer?

If you ever used a spoolie you nabbed from Sephora to swipe mascara onto your lashes, you've seen how your lashes glistened and separated easily. Often causing lashes to clump together, it's rare that putting mascara onto bare eyelashes will give you the same effect. Eyelash primer helps to stop mascara from clumping, lengthens and volumizes lashes, and softens them.

A mixture of mineral oils and natural waxes, Vaseline also conditions and softens, keeping moisture trapped. Petroleum jelly is also quite gentle, so you most likely won't experience any rashes or allergic reactions if applied to your lashes. Although it probably won't make your mascara last longer, it can be a great primer for softening and separating lashes before you put on mascara.

Some people on TikTok even use the product to emulate the effect of a lash lift. Apply a bit of Vaseline onto the lashes, then go in with your lash curler. Using a spoolie, brush your lashes upward and hold the curler for a bit. While it definitely won't last nearly as long as a proper lift, they still help to give your lashes a boost.

Other Vaseline hacks for your beauty routine

A versatile product, Vaseline can be used for everything from slugging to highlighter. If you have a light fragrance that doesn't stick around for long, apply a bit of Vaseline to your pulse points before you spritz it on. Perfume works best when it has something to stick to, so moisturizing beforehand is key. As an occlusive, Vaseline should help increase the wear power of your favorite fragrance.

You can also use it to elevate an eyeshadow look. Instead of springing for different colored eye glosses, dab a small amount of Vaseline onto your eyelid. Next, follow it up with your preferred eyeshadow powder and watch it transform into a glossy eye. You can even use it instead of a face gloss if you're out of highlighter.

To banish cracked hands and feet, apply Vaseline after lotion and sleep with gloves and fuzzy socks. Since it helps with dry, flaky skin, you'll wake up to smooth, softened skin.