Midtone Blushing: How To Use Two Different Blush Shades To Create Your Perfect Soft Makeup Look

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Blush is a makeup staple that many can't imagine doing their makeup without. Whether you love a rosy coquette makeup look or go for a bolder flush-cheeked look, it's essential that your blush is blended and natural. If you find that after finishing your makeup, it looks like something is missing, you'll want to try the new blush trend that's taking over TikTok.

There's a new way to apply blush that has makeup gurus everywhere buzzing. Kylie Jenner sported the makeup look and left many people wondering how she got her blush to look so blended and airbrushed. The trick is midtone blush. Midtone blushing refers to using two different shades of blush and a light-tone face powder to create soft, flush-cheeked makeup. The secret to achieving a bright, cohesive undereye look is to use a brightening powder under the eyes and to finish with a blush that's lighter than the one you already have as a base.

How to achieve the midtone blush look

Combining makeup products to get the midtone blushing technique right may sound complicated, but it can be done in a few simple steps. Once you've applied your makeup, including your regular shade of blush, it's time to add the next products. First, dab the light-tone face powder under your eyes, on the side of your nose, and all the way up to the edge of your eye to cover up any under-eye bags or blemishes. Then, use a powder brush in a circular motion to combine the lighter shade of blush with the light face powder until it's seamlessly blended. 

Makeup TikToker makeupbylexh explains that once she chooses her main blush and applies it, she then looks for a blush that's a similar shade but lighter to add on top of the makeup. If you only have one blush at home, you can make your own. First, apply your regular blush, and then mix it with the light face powder to create a lighter shade you can then blend on top.

The best products for the midtone blush technique

There are a few staple products that are commonly used to nail this look. TikToker maj.beauty recommends using the Kylie Cosmetics Pink Power blush for a pretty pink finish. This is one of the most popular blushes to use for this technique, and it will give you Kylie Jenner's blended and light rosy look. You can also try the Too Faced Cloud Crush Blurring Blush for a darker but vibrant finish to use as your base. For the light-tone face powder, try Huda Beauty's Cupcake powder, which will give you long-lasting coverage for a bright, smooth look. This powder comes in a variety of shades that you can choose from to match your skin tone. 

Another top recommendation is Make Up For Ever's HD Skin Matte Velvet Undetectable Longwear Blurring Powder Foundation. This powder foundation will give you medium-to-full coverage for a matte and barely-there finish.