Melania Trump's Relationship History Before Donald

Throughout history, there has rarely been an American first lady who caused as much controversy as Melania Trump, the wife of former President Donald Trump. The truth about Melania and Donald's marriage left many of the 45th president's critics confused. Often, stories would circulate about their untraditional union. A former housekeeper also shared that the Trumps do not sleep in the same bed, nor do they have dinner together with their son, Barron Trump (via MEAWW).

"It's a strange marriage," the former housekeeper told the author behind the tell-all book about Melania, "The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump." "I never saw them like a normal family, sitting together at a table, eating together, talking. Never, never, never. They spend time in the same place, but they don't interact." While many are aware of the unconventional union between the Trumps, the love life of Melania before she met Donald is less clear.

Melania's dating history before the former president is not common knowledge

Melania Trump's life before Donald Trump has remained out of the spotlight. She came to the United States from Slovenia in 1996, and while dating the former president in 2000, she was allowed to stay in the country under an Einstein Visa. This is given to people with high esteem in various sectors. These often include people who have won a Pulitzer Prize, Oscar, or even an Olympic medal. The visa that landed her time in the United States has often been questioned, with many unsure how a rather unknown model was given the chance to stay in the U.S. under such a prestigious visa.

However, when she first got to New York, she lived a more quiet life than the one she would find with Trump. According to "Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady," written by her former friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania would go out on dates but wouldn't stay out for too long in the social scene. The author spoke with Melania's former roommate, Matthew Atanian, who shared, "When Melania first arrived in New York at 26, 'she didn't go out to dance clubs; she'd go to Harry Cipriani for dinner at 10 and be home by one,'" adding, "Men she would go out with tended to be wealthier, the industrious, European type. They were Italians, playboys. But they'd go out for dinner and she'd be home before [I] was," (via SheKnows).

A former boyfriend spoke out about his time with Melania in Slovenia

Melania Trump's early years in New York included some dates, but it appears she did not have a serious romantic relationship until she began her romance with former President Donald Trump. However, after her move to the White House, a former boyfriend from her native Slovenia spoke out about his time with the notorious first lady.

The man's name is Jure Zorcic, and in an interview with ABC News, he dished about what Melania was like back at home. "She wanted to live abroad, in Italy, France, a life of fashion. She was very fashionable," he shared. However, he did not think she was going to end up in the United States. "I think it was very far from our minds at that time."

Zorcic and Mrs. Trump began their relationship in 1991. "We met each other like in a movie," he gushed. "I was on my motorbike, and she has been walking down a street. As I passed by her, I had a moment and thought, 'Wow, who is this girl? She is so beautiful, I must turn back and follow her.'" The pair would continue dating for some time, though it's unclear how long they were together. Melania eventually left for the states to fulfill a modeling job in 1996. She would later meet Trump in 1998 and begin her extravagant new life.