How An Angled Eyeshadow Brush Can Change Your Makeup Application

There you are on pause in the middle of the hair and skin aisle of Walgreens. It's easy to get lost among the myriad everyday tools — brushes, clips, wands, sponges, tweezers, and puffs — available for use as applicators (and eliminators) of cosmetics. You know you're ready to level-up your appearance game, but at the same time you understand that spending hard-earned cash on another brush will not magically transform you into a world-class beautician, capable of defining non-existent cheekbones and opening tired eyes.

Still, the heart wants what the heart wants, and your heart wants an angled eyeshadow brush. This is a pro-tool, after all, not for novices, and brush shape matters when you need to apply product with finesse. The bristles are short on one end, yet grow longer and fuller toward the other end, resulting in a severely slanted profile that is easier to maneuver. It was made for more precise shading and detailed contours. 

"The angled brush will help you define the lashline and It can be used for a gel eyeliner or any other color shadow," wrote Samantha Linn, a makeup artist, on her website. "The key to a great application with this brush is to gently pull eyelid away and get really close to the eye line."

Beauty is in the eye

A good brush is all about the bristles, which need to have the right density to pick up and distribute product effectively. Because the bristles of an angled eyeshadow brush are both dense and fluffy, it is perfect for spreading powder shadow either all over your lid or along the brow bone. It's also effective at shadowing inside the crease of your eye. When you want cat eyes, the tapered bristles will help you precisely form a "V" shape at the corner of each eye. Alternatively, if you prefer a more feathered look, this angled tool can produce and blend fine lines.

On her blog, beauty writer Taylor Mobley counts herself a fan of angled brushes but notes, "They can be very hard to use, and hard to find a really good one. I like mine short and dense, because the longer the bristles, the less control you have over the brush."

An angled eyeshadow brush can also replace standard eyeliner. Not everyone likes the bold contrast of liquid liner or eye pencils. This brush gives you the ability to apply small amounts of shadow above the upper lash line and underneath the lower lash line. It's ideal for creating a smokey eye or repairing and smoothing pencil lines to create a softer look.

A single brush, many uses

There's no need to stop at eyeshadow.  An angled brush is a go-to tool for applying small amounts of highlighter to cheeks or blending concealer under eye bags. That last little bit of your favorite shade of lipstick? With this brush, you can easily lift it out and smooth it across your lips. The small head of this brush is perfect for refining the appearance of eyebrows and performs delicately in tender areas of the face — nearest the eyes, nose, and mouth. 

As you know, touch-up coverage is never easy.  Usually, you're in a rush and standing in some poorly-lit bathroom with bad mirrors. An angled brush can help you fill in only where needed, preventing you from putting on too much product and looking overdone

So the next time you hunger for a fresh image, don't stop at cosmetics when building your new look. Reach for an angled eyeshadow brush. It is a small and simple tool that will help you turn imagination into reality.