Concealer Vs Under-Eye Brightener: How To Know Which Is Right For You

Concealer is just a part of your daily routine. You'd never think of leaving the house without it. But do you really need it? Sometimes concealer just makes your eyes look cakey and dry rather than fixing the problem. This is where under-eye brightener enters the arena.

Under-eye brighteners and concealers are designed for two different purposes and kinds of coverage. The brightener brings your eyes to attention, while concealer hides things away. This means that they have two very different consistencies. Knowing the differences between the two can make sure that you grab the right tool to make your face look glowing and flawless rather than cakey and dry.

If you don't understand what each product does, you can't know which is the best for you. But you probably wouldn't want to remove either from your makeup bag, and using them together might just be the key to the perfect under-eye look you've been dreaming about. 

Under-eye brighteners give you a fresh look

A full face of makeup isn't a daily necessity. Sometimes you get lucky and pop out of bed with smooth, glowing skin, and you don't want to cover that fresh look with a ton of foundation. Rather, you'd like to add just a bit of coverage to even out your skin tone and give you that dewy glow. If that's your goal, then under-eye brighteners are where it's at.

Under-eye brighteners are going to lighten up the area and bring attention to the eyes. The formula is runnier than a concealer, so it's easier to spread with your finger. Brighteners also provide nice hydration to illuminate the under-eye area and keep that thin skin supple. The brightening combined with the moisture gives the area a nice creamy glow, offering you a look that will have your coworkers asking about your skincare regimen. 

Since under-eye brighteners are more watery, they provide very light coverage. This makes the product great to avoid settling into fine lines and wrinkles, but it's not going to hide any discoloration. When it comes to covering thing up those dark circles and lines, concealer is your go-to.

Concealers provide coverage of circles and blemishes

Like the name suggests, concealer is designed to conceal. So, if you had a rough night sleeping or you didn't hit your water goal yesterday, you might wake up with discoloration around your eyes, and you'll want to reach for the concealer to handle those dark circles.

Concealer has a thicker consistency than under-eye brightener and is designed for medium to full coverage, so it has the bulk to handle any purple circles, darkness, or blemishes you might be trying to eliminate. However, that means it's easier for concealer to settle into wrinkles and fine lines or cake up if not applied with a gentle touch. Additionally, concealer dries faster than under-eye brightener, so you can blend without removing the coverage from the area you're trying to hide. Think of concealer as your makeup magician trying to make all those blemishes magically disappear. 

When it comes to the difference between concealer and under-eye brightener, it's all about the formula and purpose. Under-eye brightener is a light formulation designed to illuminate your under-eye area and make it look dewy and fresh. It's screaming, "hey, look at me." Concealer, on the other hand, provides a bit more coverage to hide any imperfections. While these two makeup tools differ in purpose, you can use them together to create the best one-two punch in the makeup world.