Clogs Are Making A Comeback For Spring. Here's How To Style The Must-Have Shoes

In terms of popularity, clogs have come in and out of fashion for years. While their history dates back to the 1300s, modern renditions of this shoe are largely attributed to the '70s. During this decade, they were worn by people of all gender, ages, and styles, with both ABBA members and Freddie Mercury rocking the shoe.

Clogs experienced a resurgence in the '90s and early 2000s, becoming strappier and higher than ever on stars like Alicia Silverstone and Sarah Jessica Parker. While they have been a contentious item of fashion, with Crocs being a love-or-hate version of the shoe, they have recently made their way back onto runways. Being featured by brands like Etro and Ports 1961, the footwear promises to be a staple of spring fashion.

Clogs have also been spotted on icons such as Kendall JennerBarbie Ferreira, and Rihanna, providing great inspiration for how to wear the shoe style. If you're anything like us, you're eagerly awaiting the perfect opportunity to break out your clogs this spring. For some ideas, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite ways to wear the iconic shoes.

Your favorite floral dress

Because spring is all about blossoming flowers and bright colors, pairing your clogs with your favorite floral dress is a great way to show them off this season. The look would work with any style of clogs, but we suggest combining the pattern with sandals or high-heeled renditions.

We love how @queencitytrends styles these brown, heeled clogs with a pink, red, and green knee-length dress. The picnic-style handbag and simple jewelry complete the vibrant spring aesthetic. Don't be afraid to play around with spring-inspired colors and patterns.

Breezy and beautiful

Breezy, loose dresses are a staple of spring, as their light, airy quality makes them perfect for the warmer weather. Because of this, we recommend pairing your clogs with a dress that gives you all the breezy, beautiful vibes. An example of this is showcased in the Instagram photo from @bryrclogs, which features sandal-style platform clogs in a fawn color paired with a long, blue dress. The outfit is simple but perfect for springtime.

For more inspiration, check out the looks from @sam__ham and @emilycurated on TikTok.

Y2K-inspired maxi

Styles of the '90s and early 2000s have been super popular recently, so it makes sense to pair your clogs, which were a beloved form of footwear during this fashion period, with some of the modern clothing pieces inspired by the early aughts. For example, @nicole_jordy pairs a pink, wavy-patterned maxi dress with slip-on platform clogs. This swirly, terrain-map pattern combined with the strappy, key-hole cut-out dress is undoubtedly Y2K, making it the perfect partner for the featured platform clogs.

Classic denim

Denim is a timeless and seasonless wardrobe staple, so you can always style your clogs with your favorite denim clothing item this spring. While we love a pair of classic jeans, you have a lot of options when it comes to denim. For instance, this overall-styled dress in the Instagram photo from looks super stylish when paired with some heeled, suede clogs. A white blouse, chunky bag, and gold jewelry complete the ensemble, creating a super cool denim fit.

Mini-skirt moment

As the hallmark of warmer weather, spring is a great time to begin breaking out your mini-skirts. These beloved clothing items can work great with clogs, especially if you're styling a heeled pair. We particularly love the look from @hellapebble, who combines fluffy footwear with an asymmetrical mini and halter-style top. The green and purple color scheme of this outfit is definitely fitting for spring, but don't be afraid to play around with your own vibrant hues when pairing your mini-skirts and clogs.

Styled for the '70s

Because the modern clog is often linked to '70s fashion, you can pay homage to this decade by styling your shoes with a retro flair. Think psychedelic and bold patterns, earth tones, and bohemian vibes.

As an example, check out the outfit from @foolishpixie, who pairs a suede skirt and flowy blouse with some leather-textured clogs. A flower-power belt and big-framed sunglasses put the finishing touches on the retro look, but we think a psychedelic, swirly manicure would also work super well.

Business in a blazer

In recent years, blazers have quickly become a wardrobe staple for more than just the business-savvy. If you have a favorite sports coat hanging in your closet, it's definitely worth trying on with some clogs to see if you can create a stylish but casual blazer look.

We love how the blazer-clogs combo appears in the TikTok from @alishoee, which showcases color-blocked slip-ons styled with jeans and a simple black coat. The resulting outfit looks put-together without appearing overly professional, making it perfect for spring days that are a bit chillier.

Breathable linen

Besides being known as a sustainable fabric, linen is also viewed as breathable and cooling, making it a great clothing option for warm spring days. Plus, linen pants, skirts, or dresses can create a chic, earthy look when styled with clogs.

For example, the Instagram post from @vallerinagirl shows a bright green pair of linen pants worn with pink uppers. A darker green handbag, white top, and face-framing hair clips complete the rest of the outfit. The bright colors and sustainable fabrics make this a great styling option for a spring look.

All about the print

To embrace the vibrancy of spring, consider styling your clogs with your favorite bold print. While we mentioned floral dresses as a particularly great pattern for the season, the options don't end there. For instance, the TikTok video from @ambertriana features a pair of brown, studded clogs styled with black-and-white printed pants and a white crop top. A pink handbag, a high ponytail, and gold jewelry round out the look. When creating your clog-centered look, pair your footwear with an eye-catching pattern for a similar effect.

Straight-leg jeans

As mentioned, denim is a fabric that simply doesn't go out of style. In this way, denim jeans make for the perfect clog companion, especially if you're going for a simple, laid-back look. A solid example of this styling choice comes from @dixie_3, whose Instagram post features strappy white clogs with a dainty top, a green cardigan, and a pair of straight-leg jeans. While this look is on the simpler side, with no bold patterns or striking colors, it's super stylish and perfect for a breezy spring day.

Cargo pants streetwear

For a more streetwear-inspired look, we suggest styling slip-on clogs with a pair of cargo pants. Not only does this make for an effortlessly cool vibe, but it's also super comfortable. We love how the TikTok from @jennrosemartin shows off this combo, as it features a pair of suede clogs with cream-colored cargo pants and a cropped tank top. If the cargo pants look doesn't appeal to you, but you're still looking for something with a touch of streetwear flair, consider incorporating an element like an oversized t-shirt to create a similar aesthetic.

On-the-go overalls

An overall and clog pairing is another example of a causal combo that is great for spring. On top of being comfortable and practical, overalls can be super cute when styled effectively. An example of this comes from @heyohtay_, who styles a pair of slip-on, platform clogs with a patterned, long-sleeve shirt, red headband, and overalls. Your overalls don't necessarily need to be denim, too, as there are many different ways to style overalls that would work well with clogs.

For more examples of how to style clogs and overalls, check out the looks from @chrisinseams and @lauren.knight9.

Early aughts accessories

Another way to channel some nostalgia into your clog-centered outfit is by incorporating accessories and clothing items associated with the '90s. To do so, you can take inspiration from icons like Gwyneth Paltrow, Tyra Banks, and Naomi Campbell, but we think the Instagram post from @sophvagts provides some great clog-specific ideas. These pink, peek-a-boo clogs with a chunky heel feel like they'd fit perfectly in the '90s or early aughts, and the leather pants they're paired with solidify the vibe. The small snakeskin handbag and casual updo make the look feel complete.

Graphic tee go-to

There are many ways to style a graphic tee, including with your favorite pair of clogs. Because of how versatile these clothing items are, they make for a great low-key pairing. For example, the black-and-white outfit from @spaghetti_western_sewing demonstrates just how great the combo looks. The faux leather clogs in this Instagram pic pair fabulously with the animal-printed socks, black wide-leg pants, and a simple graphic tee to create an outfit perfect for any spring day.

Sweatshirt and shorts

For another casual but cute outfit idea, try styling clogs with a shorts and sweatshirt combo. When working with suede slip-ons, the resulting look is laid-back and comfy while still managing to be stylish. We love how this looks in the TikTok from @laurenlicup, whose outfit features cut-off shorts and a white sweatshirt with some cozy-looking clogs. White socks, a cross-body handbag, and a casual updo round out the rest of the look. When creating your own outfit, don't be afraid to go down the comfy route.