Hallmark's Andrew Walker Says He Knows What's Behind The Network's Movie Success

There's nothing like curling up on the couch and turning on a feel-good movie –- the Hallmark Network's specialty. Hallmark is the home of seasonal romantic comedies known for making wholesome content surrounding love stories. When it comes to Hallmark, it's all about predictability. The genius of the channel is its ability to make a predictable story enticing through the use of clichés, cheesy dialogue, and familiar actors, which are some of the many reasons people love to watch Hallmark movies

Per The Herald Times, Hallmark was the most-watched channel in 2021, averaging over 20 million viewers that year, and its popularity only continues to grow with the introduction of original series like "The Way Home." With the help of its loyal fanbase, the Hallmark Channel has become must-watch television, allowing actors like Andrew Walker to find fame by appearing in multiple movies. 

Andrew Walker's career at Hallmark is extensive, with the actor appearing in 24 Hallmark films, including "Sweet Autumn," "Christmas On My Mind," "The Perfect Catch," and "My Secret Valentine." As a Hallmark veteran, Walker believes he has the secret as to what's behind the Hallmark network's movie success.

Andrew Walker's take on Hallmark movie success

Canadian actor Andrew Walker shared his gratitude to Hallmark for their on-going support of his career, crediting the channel's casting choices as the reason for its success, telling Moments With Mercy via (Open Wide Country): "You know, with Hallmark, I've been pretty fortunate. But that's the thing with Hallmark. Even Michelle [Vicary, EVP of Programming at Hallmark] quips that Hallmark is very discriminating about who they hire, and they just don't hire fools or jerks. And it always seems to work out. They always try to hire people as much as possible who are compatible with each other."

Since Hallmark movies often focus on love stories, the success of the film depends on the chemistry between the actors. Viewers want to believe in the characters' love story and that can only happen when the dynamics between the actors are natural and genuine. Walker says that "Hallmark has a 'No A-hole' policy so, usually I'm working with really great people...people that reciprocate the same kind of set mentality."

What's next for Andrew Walker at Hallmark?

Andrew Walker's success at Hallmark continues to expand as he is adding "producer" to his job title at the channel. Though becoming a producer involves a lot more responsibility, Walker is ready for the challenge and this next step in his career. Walker told US Weekly: "If I was working for anyone else, I don't know if [I'd] have this ability [to act and produce]. It's an amazing environment to work in — a supportive environment. You're able to exercise all these other potential possibilities that you have as an artist. It's great."

Walker has partnered with the Hallmark Channel as a producer for three upcoming films, with at least one being Christmas-themed and another he describes as a "mystery wheel." Both the Hallmark Channel and  Walker have been mutually beneficial for one another and plan to continue finding success making movies that people love.