Baby Braids Are The Simple Yet Spunky Hairstyle You Need To Try

You may have thought you'd left the 90s behind, but think again. The 90s trends are coming back baby. From grunge fashion to fanny packs to mullets, all those looks you used to love (and even some you probably hated) are becoming fresh and new again. One such 90s fad, baby braids, can be found trending all over your Instagram feed. 

Baby braids aren't a one-size-fits-all kind of style. You can have the classic part down the middle with braids framing each side of your face. You can also keep that side part that you love and twist the hair along your forehead into a baby braid. There are so many different styles to choose from for your next venture into 90s fashion trends.

This trend isn't just for teens either. Everyone is finding their love for baby braids again. And, it's not a surprise, as this is a trend that looks good on all different cuts, lengths, and hair types. So what are you waiting for? Check out a few different baby braid trends you should add to your hairstyle repertoire. 

Retro baby braids

Retro baby braids are the easiest ones to create, and you'll see them all over your feed. Simply grab a few good chunks of hair on either side of your head and braid them. You can braid them just a little or go all the way down. The choice is yours. Add a clear plastic band and you're set for the day.

For a truly retro look, you might not add any rubber bands at all. Just allow them to flow into the rest of your hair by adding a little bit of hairspray to tack them in place. 

French baby braids

You might want to add your own unique twist to the baby braid look, so try doing your own French braid along your hairline.

For a classic look, you might part your hair in the middle before starting the braids. You can also give this your own unique flair by using a side part. It's a sleek hairstyle that keeps the hair off your face, plus you can work in any shorter pieces or bangs so they aren't falling out.

Beaded baby braids

The fact that baby braids came back is amazing. It's a simple style that has your chiseled cheekbones rising to the occasion. But maybe you're looking to add a little extra pizzazz to your newfound style.

Try adding a few beads. Colorful beads or braiding in strands of fake colored hair can give your hair an edgy, fun vibe. It's a great look for a night on the town with your crew, or it can add a little extra fun to a beach day too.

Sleek face framing baby braids

TikTok is always figuring out ways to make things easier, and TikToker @tinaprokas is looking to take your baby braid on a face-framing journey with a simple hack. This keeps the baby braids out of your face and looking stylish in the office.

To get this 'do, simply create two baby braids. You'll then grab the rest of the hair along the side of your face and create a loose pony. Flip the hair through to create a hole, and slide your baby braid in. It's a look that's ready for everything.

Twisted into braids

You love the baby braid look, but you want to add your own spin to it. A French braid might be fun, but you want a messier, windswept feel. So it's time to give a little twist a try.

Create your sections and add a bit of gel or paste to your hair. Twist the pieces of hair together and add an elastic. Do the same thing on the other side to create a fun fashion statement. You can even tug on the sections a bit to give it more of a wild vibe. It's a fun twist (literally) to your baby braid look.

Perfectly messy braids

The best thing about baby braids is they look great on everyone. They can provide an exotic new style to any hair texture or length. Whether you've got thick, wavy, fine, or thin hair, you can make braids work.

Instagrammer @cass_hairstyle pulls off this look with thick, wavy hair to create an interesting vacation vibe. Topping it off with an extended wing and a bit of red lipstick makes the look a fantastic tribute to the 90s.

Baby braid bangs

So, you don't have long hair in the front. Instead, you have a nice curtain bang. That doesn't mean you can't hop on the baby braid bandwagon. Embrace the curtain bang with a mini baby braid.

Curtain bang braids pull off the vibe and round out your face perfectly. It's a go-to look when you don't feel like styling your hair. And, if you aren't all about sleek braids, pull a little hair out and give them that flyaway feel. Experimentation is key to finding the best look for you.

Bedazzled baby braids

Baby braids can take on many different looks depending on how you're feeling that particular day. If you want to give them a more goth feeling, you might try adding jewels and wraps to your baby braids.

Instagrammer @lil_morticia creates a unique look by having her baby braids fall just behind her curtain bangs. The intricate rings and flourishes give off a darker feel to match the rest of her look. 

Baby braids on shorter hair

Your Instagram feed might be swarming with long, luscious locks with cute, little baby braids dancing in the front. That doesn't mean the girls with short or natural hair can't enjoy this look too. Baby braids are versatile enough to go with just about any face shape and hair texture. So, if you have a short bob or even a pixie, you can make baby braids look fabulous.

If you find they stick out a bit too much or aren't staying put, you can use a bobby pin to help discreetly secure them in place. No one will be the wiser.

Double trouble braids

Are you ready to take your baby braid hairstyle to the next level? Don't just stop at one baby braid, try adding a few more. In addition to the braid in the front, you might want to add a braid about halfway back to set off the trend.

TikToker @jamievanslooten also makes this summer hairstyle look chic by pulling on the hair to give the braids that loose, flowy feel. It takes less than five minutes and adds a lot of wow to your tresses.

Wavy half braids

You have all those long, gorgeous tresses flowing down your back, but maybe you don't have time for long baby braids. That doesn't mean you can't spice up your 'do with short baby braids.

Create two short braids that flow from the side of your head to just under your cheekbones. Then secure them in place and voilà, you added a little bit of cuteness to your look with very little effort. Spice them up with a bit of colored hair paste or a bit of hair glitter.

Braids to bring out ponytail

A sleek ponytail is your thing. But if it's feeling tired, add a few braids to make an old style new again. This stops those wisps of hair that are always going in your mouth, and it looks like you put effort into your hairdo today. This is especially true if you add a bit of curl to the ends of the braids.

It's a great look for those days when you just don't feel like washing your hair too. Because you might not realize it, but dirty hair makes great braids.

Summer waves micro braids

Are you feeling those beachy vibes today? Maybe you busted out your beach waves curling iron to get in the mood. Add a few loose micro braids to the front to finish off the look.

The key to this look is to add a bit of grip to your hair with some styling powder or dry shampoo. If you have fine hair, dry shampoo adds a little bit of bulk to your tresses to make sure they stay together, and it's not as crispy as hairspray. It adds that little extra lock you need to ensure your mane look flawless.

Messy bun baby braids

Even with all the retro styles coming back, you can still find a good TikTok messy bun for your go-to hairstyle. And, just because you want to try a new style, that doesn't mean you need to give up that bun you've perfected. You can just intermingle the two.

Create your messy bun, but leave the front strands of your hair out. Then braid them up and enjoy a fresh look. You can even get fancy by making them a French braid or giving them a little twist.

Baby braid accents

You love rocking fun looks. Make a baby braid statement by making them part of your hairstyle catalog. Instagrammer @oliviahancock_ rocks a high bun and baby braids to perfection. The front braids work to provide a beautiful frame to her face, accenting her features.

You might have thought baby braids were long gone. But like most great things, they've made a comeback. Now, you just have to figure out which style you want to try.