Here's A TikTok-Approved Way To Make A Messy Bun Even With Short Hair

If you have long hair, chances are you've piled it atop your head in a messy bun at one time or another. While it's supposedly an easy hairstyle, if you're trying for the look with shorter locks, it might get complicated, Women's Health reported. You might try a complex combination complete with lots of bobby pins and hair ties, or maybe you've just piled it up and secured it haphazardly to keep the strands out of your face. Perhaps you've even tried this TikTok pencil hack at one point to secure your mane.

If you've cut your hair shorter after relying on the undone updo when your hair was longer, you might think that the effortless casual style is out of reach. While other options include a small rubber band rolled under and concealed by your hair with hairpins (via Women's Health), a TikTok user created a great video showing how to get a cute messy bun even if you have short hair.

Here's how to create a cute messy bun with short hair

In the short clip, Erin noted that her TikTok "is for all my short-haired girls who want cute top-knot messy buns." The popular video received more than half a million views and dozens of comments on the popular social media platform. As she showed each step, the TikTok user revealed that she gathered the shorter hairs near the nape of her neck into a small ponytail and wrapped a small elastic around it. She continued sectioning her hair up the back of her head, creating new ponytails and securing the previous one with the new sections. 

Once she had her hair secured, she gathered the lengths at the crown of her head, and she wrapped a scrunchie around them to provide some volume for her topknot. She let her hair fall over the scrunchie, and she placed a regular hair tie around it, leaving the ends out. From there, Erin showed how she arranged her ends, tucking them to create a large bun on the top of her head. She secured the whole thing with a few bobby pins and hairspray. This simple style works for shorter hair while adding attractive detailing across the back of your head. The best news is that it also keeps the hair off of your neck.