'Delusion Week' Is The Viral Trend That Can Change Your Life In 7 Days

Motivation and productivity are things that we all strive for in our daily lives. However, many people struggle with finding a way to get up in the morning and get things done. In today's society, life is busy. Many of us have a full plate with things such as careers, relationships, raising children, family, friends, and other responsibilities. At times, it seems nearly impossible to get it all done. Lack of motivation can be caused by many factors, but there are ways to improve the situation.

According to Forbes, there are many methods that we can use to better structure our lives and our mindsets into being more motivated and productive. One technique includes a reward-based system that allows you to give yourself some sort of treat once you've completed a task. Another way to stay motivated is to have a good morning routine, this will set up your day for success and ensure that you're getting in a bit of self-care before you kick off your busy schedule.

A third suggestion by the outlet is the popular fake-it-until-you-make-it method, which is all about getting into the mindset of a productive, positive, motivated person. This is where TikTok's latest "delusion week" trend comes in. It's a way to trick yourself into doing all the tasks that you usually struggle to complete.

What is delusion week?

Delusion week is the hottest new TikTok trend that is helping people around the globe find a spark of motivation while they attempt to live their best lives. The theory behind the trend is that a person can delude themself into believing that they are living the best possible version of their life and doing the activities and tasks that align with that lifestyle. The trend encourages people to take the challenge and spend seven days living as their highest self. This could include getting up early, eating healthier, working out, drinking more water, spending more time with family, making time for self-care, getting enough sleep, focusing more on work, and other important activities.

The trend originated on TikTok by creator Kaylin Mally. She came up with the idea in early 2023 when she wanted to act as the most successful and fabulous version of herself to see if it would implement any real changes in her reality and daily life. The thought behind delusion week is similar to having main character syndrome, where you believe that you are the main character in your own story and you live as a main character would live, as per Psycology Today. Meanwhile, social psychologist Sandra Wheatley says that while using the word "delusion" may be a stretch, the practice can be productive. "A delusion week builds on things like mantras, and converts them into real action and necessary steps to help you achieve your goals," she told Metro.

So, how can you use delusion week to benefit your own life?

How to make delusion week work for you

In order for you to tackle delusion week you'll have to prepare and plan. Before starting the challenge, you'll need to sit down and think hard about what the best version of yourself looks like. What time does she wake up? How does she dress? What does she eat during the day? How does she spend her free time? Topics you'll want to consider when figuring out the life your highest self lives are health and nutrition, beauty, self-care, romantic relationships, family relationships, exercise, routines, career, your home, and anything else that has prominence in your life.

Once you've figured out how your higher self lives, it's time to get to work in trying to implement those activities into your daily schedule. Once you can understand how to get everything you need to live your best life into your busy day, it's time to proceed. Start delusion week with a positive mindset and the attitude that you are the most beautiful, successful, fulfilled, satisfied, and happiest version of yourself. Live how she would live, and do what she would do.

At the end of each day reflect on what you learned about yourself, how you reacted to certain situations, and if you felt good about what you did and achieved. Then show up as your best self the next day. Perhaps at the end of the week, you'll be ready to implement some of those habits into your life for good.