Days Of Our Lives' Victoria Grace Dissects Wendy's Complicated Love Life

Victoria Grace may be one of the newest citizens of Salem, but she has been shaking things up as Wendy Shin, and fans have loved every minute of it. Wendy was first introduced to "Days of Our Lives" viewers during the second season of the soap opera's spin-off series, "Beyond Salem." She was revealed to be the younger sister of Gabi DiMera's fiance, Li Shin. Wendy proved to be a tech genius as she crossed paths with Steve Johnson's two sons, Tripp and Joey, in Seattle. Wendy helped the two young men not only find their missing father but discover that her brother Li — the head of DiMera Enterprises — would unveil one of the coveted three prisms during a huge party in Hong Kong.

The trio's epic adventure caused them to have fond feelings for each other, and both Tripp and Joey showed serious interest in a romantic relationship with Wendy. However, although Wendy liked both brothers, she refused to date either for fear of causing malice in their relationship. Months later, Wendy showed up in Salem to reconnect with Li, and of course, she found herself meeting up with Tripp and Joey again.

Of course, she also got involved in some serious drama as well. Wendy's love for her brother pushed her to hide secrets from his soon-to-be wife, Gabi, which blew up in her face when Gabi found out that Li was responsible for keeping her one true love, Stefan DiMera, out of her life.

Victoria Grace spills the tea on Wendy's romances

Not long after moving to Salem, "Days of Our Lives" fans watched Wendy Shin grow close to Johnny DiMera. The pair took their relationship relatively slow, although they did set out on an adventure to find Dr. Rolf. However, after a few months of dating, Wendy realized that Johnny was still in love with his former wife, Chanel DuPreea, and the couple split. It then seemed that she might start up something new with Tripp Johnson, who's had many failed attempts at love himself. However, actor Victoria Grace claims that while her on-screen alter, ego may be a genius in the tech world, she's still a novice when it comes to matters of the heart.

Grace sat down for an interview, posted to the soap's official Twitter account, and revealed that Wendy has never truly felt accepted by a man and that it's new for her to have so many men vying for her affection. Meanwhile, Grace admits that she can't relate to Wendy's love problems as she's never been stuck in a love triangle of her own.

While the actor confesses that Wendy's love life may be complicated at the moment, she says she does love that the character is a strong and opinionated woman who isn't afraid to speak up for herself and tell the men in her life exactly what she thinks. Wendy definitely brings something different to the soap, and many fans hope she'll stick around for the long haul.