Achieve The Trendy Wet Hair Look (Without Looking Like It's Greasy)

There's no question that the wet hair look is the red carpet look of the year. If you've ever been getting ready to go out only to have to wait for your hair to dry, you might be in luck. The wet hair look is set to become the hottest hairstyle go-to and has been sported by the likes of Bella Hadid, Megan Fox, and Sydney Sweeney. Even Kim Kardashian has sported the signature wet hair look

Achieving this glamorous, edgy look is super simple, and only takes a few quick and easy steps that can save you time when getting ready. The best part about this hairstyle? It's super versatile, so you can glam up your look for a fancy night out, or rock a laid-back wet beachy wave that looks effortless whenever. When trying out this trend yourself, you'll want to avoid your hair looking greasy or crunchy. Both are common with this style when not done right.

How to achieve the wet hair look

To try the wet hair look for yourself, you'll first want to gently towel dry your hair as soon as you step out of the shower. You want to keep some moisture in your hair so it's damp. Bridget Brager, celebrity hairstylist and T3 ambassador, tells InStyle, "The first step to achieving the wet look that will last you all night long is to have your hair completely smoothed out before adding your products." Brush your wet hair while minimizing damage with a comb until you've gotten rid of all of the tangles.

Now, it's time to add products. You want to make sure you create the perfect balance of gel and cream. Nunzio Saviano, a hair expert and salon owner, tells Byrdie, "If you just use a gel, it will leave the hair crunchy, and if you just use a cream, it will make the hair look greasy. However, the combo of the two works really well." Start with a small amount of both and run them through your hair.

Copy Megan Fox's iconic wet hair look

If you have curly hair, combine hair gel and hair oil together and run them through your hair. You can also add a few clips to hold your curls in place. Once you're finished applying the products and your hair looks slicked back and in place, finish the look off with a glossing spray to give it a beautiful shine. 

There are plenty of versatile ways you can experiment with and style the wet hair look. If you want inspiration, there is no shortage of celebrities who have rocked the look. To get Megan Fox's infamous wet hair look from the 2021 Video Music Awards, you'll want to curl your hair first before applying any product to it. Fox's hairstylist, Andrew Fitzsimons, tells Daily Mail, "Once all of the hair is waved, apply a small amount of fast-absorbing No Frizz Vanishing Oil." The oil is key in this look as it creates the wet hair look without making the hair look greasy or crunchy.