What To Expect When Dating In 2023

With the rise of the internet and dating apps galore, it's no surprise that dating has seriously changed throughout history. Sliding into your Instacrush's DMs may be common practice today, but it wasn't always that easy to find yourself a hot date. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that in this day and age, more couples than ever are meeting online. Before dating apps, most people relied on physical interaction within their community to meet potential love interests, in places like school, church, and through mutual friends. But it seems that the popular meet-cute is less likely than ever; why sit around at a bar by yourself waiting for someone to buy you a drink when you have the entire dating pool at your fingertips?

Technology has definitely changed the dating game, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Recent data collected amongst singles in 2023 found that overall, people have become more tolerant, more open, and less willing to play the typical "mind games" you'd expect from an eligible bachelor. For all our singles looking for the one in 2023, the future of dating is looking bright.

The dating pool has seriously expanded

There are still plenty of people who meet the old-fashioned way in 2023, but the numbers are dwindling. For those who prefer to inspect a dating profile before committing to a first date, modern dating has got your back. A survey conducted by Bumble found that 70% of singles interviewed are "feeling positive about the romance that lies ahead in 2023."

Dating has gone through some serious changes as society navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. Pew Research Center reported that 63% of singles found it harder to date during the pandemic, with social distancing, vaccination status, and mask-wearing practices being at the forefront of many conversations. But as things reopen and we gain a new sense of normalcy, people are more open to traveling, new experiences, and finding love. Bumble found that lots of people are newly single in the past two years, with 36% looking to start online dating in 2023. The thought of being quarantined with an ex definitely makes dating apps seem way less scary. The data also showed that people are widening their dating app radius; 33% of surveyors said they are willing to commute longer distances to find romantic connections.

People are searching for more than just a pretty face

In the world of dating, the criteria for an ideal partner have seriously changed. While being physically attracted to someone is still a high priority for many singles, 63% of people participating in Bumble's survey admitted that they were more interested in someone with emotional maturity than attractive features. 38% of people said that they are broadening what they consider to be their "physical type," challenging the stereotype that only certain body types, genders, races, and features are considered dateable.

Busting dating stereotypes in 2023 don't stop at physical appearance. Single women are more empowered than ever to initiate romantic connections. Dating expert Michael Kaye told Women's Health, "Women who said they tend to send the first message get 55[%] more likes and almost 60[%] more matches than those who don't, and conversations initiated by women last longer than those started by men." And men are responding well to it; gone are the days of misogynistic dating expectations and waiting around for the man to make the first move. Men are also re-examining the age-old gender roles when it comes to dating, and are more open to communicating their feelings amongst friends and romantic partners.

Singles are less afraid to speak their minds

As people began to reexamine their daily routines and priorities over the past few years, finding a sustainable work/life balance has been a major priority for many singles. It's easy to lose focus when you're in a new relationship and spend all your time with your new partner, ignoring your work and other responsibilities. On the other hand, people with high-stress jobs and lots of familial obligations tend to keep their love life on the back burner and forget to make time for their loved ones. This is why people tend to date people with similar jobs and schedules because subconsciously they understand their partner's routine and energy levels. But as the dating pool expands, singles aren't limiting themselves to dating their coworkers. Rather, they are setting boundaries that help make time for work, relationships, and self-care.

This year, people are making their needs heard in all types of ways, including their sexual desires. Bumble reported that 53% of singles found it important to discuss things in the bedroom as early as possible when deciding on compatibility, and 20% are taking opportunities to "explore their sexuality more" this year. Many modern daters are skipping the three-date rule and getting intimate whenever they want to. According to a survey conducted by LoveHoney, 60% of men and 43% of women admitted to having sex on the first date (via HuffPost). If your schedules and sexual desires align, we say go for it.

People are spending less money on dates

It's sad but true . . . don't expect your potential bae to drop hundreds of dollars down in the first few dates in an attempt to woo you, most people just don't have the means right now. Dating app Plenty of Fish noticed that inflation has hit more than just the stock market: they reported that "48% of single Millennials [and] Gen-Z have suggested going on a less expensive, budget-friendly date." People are less interested in dates where they dread the end-of-meal checkbook dance, and instead are opting for wallet-friendly activities like picnics, drive-in movies, and mini golfing— even a simple at-home date night works great. Something as simple as grabbing a coffee and taking a long walk through a park is favored by many singles in 2023. After all, nothing kills romance faster than an overdraft fee.

If you're expecting to be wined and dined on a first date, you might want to foot the bill. Luckily, people are becoming more open to discussing money with their romantic partners. Financial problems are amongst the most common reasons for divorce, with a large majority of couples saying they argue most often about money and financial decisions. Discussing money, income, and budgets early on can prevent these conflicts, and lead to better financial decisions in the future.

Situationships are a thing of the past

We all know the struggle of the undefined relationship — you've been talking for months, maybe you're sleeping together, and every time you hang out, you totally vibe. But you wouldn't exactly call them your partner, and you're almost positive they're seeing other people because you haven't had the courage to have the "what are we" conversation. This kind of relationship is exhausting and doesn't usually end well. People who aren't ready to define a relationship with you don't deserve all of your time and energy. In 2023, people are avoiding situationships at all costs.

Many people have shifted their mindset to dating with intention, especially in an app-focused world. Intentional dating focuses on being upfront about your desires: if you're only interested in casual dating, let your potential partner know right away. If you're looking for a long-term commitment, have it displayed in your dating profile for easy viewing. This way, you will attract others who have similar desires and you won't be wasting your time dating people who are only interested in a casual hook-up. No matter what your desires are, saving your emotional energy by being forthcoming about your wants is what intentional dating is all about.