Should A Phone Call Actually Be Considered A 'Real' Date? What The Experts Say

Did you know that most dating coaches advise going on as many as ten dates before having sex? This can be tough to achieve, especially if both parties are employed. The financial and time costs of having meaningful dates in today's world are reasons many people do not date. Finding time in the busy world can be challenging, even if you're really excited about meeting a new person. Many people choose to opt for more casual dates due to this, which can be frustrating if you're trying to opt out of hookup culture in your dating life.

One way to get around this time constraint is to have phone call dates. Phone call dates involve audio and video calls over any medium you and your date are comfortable with. Unlike physical dates, they require less money and more creativity. However, they lack many of the great perks of a real date, such as being on neutral ground and the possibility of new physical experiences.

It's important to differentiate phone call dates from texting with audio messages. With phone call dates, you craft times out of your day and have an honest conversation devoid of half-truthful lols. And right after, you can return to your daily tasks without needing a long drive back home. So the question is, should a phone call actually be considered a 'real' date?

A phone call can be classed as a date

Phone calls make it impossible to read your date's eyes, body language, and even how they react to other people. However, if certain things are put in place, they can be as beneficial as a real date. Matchmaker Match Maria Avgitidis supports this sentiment. She told Daily Mail that virtual calls could be a great way to ensure you have 12 dates before sex.

In fact, if you're a bit introverted and shy, it can be the perfect way to get to know someone with less awkwardness. Being in your home and element can make it easier to feel confident, especially since your date's not really there. It can be a great way to break the ice and make relationships progress. However, the keyword you want to focus on is "can." Several things need to be in place for a phone or virtual date to be this beneficial.

For one, you need to plan and treat it like an actual date. Have a beginning and end time set. If it's a video call, shower and try to look nice. In addition, a phone or video call date can tell you much more about your partner. If they are engaged in conversation with you, as opposed to one-word replies, this tells you that they find you interesting.

Here's how to make phone call dates more interesting

The major downside to phone call dates is that they can get boring, and fast. To avoid an underwhelming virtual date, you need to make plans ahead. Don't just plan the time and date; list everything you want to discuss and share. If you already know each other a bit, it can be fun to make individual lists with vague titles and swap them just before the date.

Another phone date idea is to take a virtual tour of a zoo, museum, or any other location together. You could even take a virtual walk together while hashing out your to-talk-about list. If you and your date are music fans, create playlists beforehand and take turns playing them during the date. Virtual dates are also the perfect time to figure out your partner's idea of a future together.

It's never a good idea to seem desperate, but it's important to let them know that commitment is in your books if things go well between you. Although moving too fast and being clingy are definite things you should avoid in a new relationship, make your goals clear to avoid being led on. Similarly, dating expert Erika Ettin advises plainly letting your date know if you're not into them to avoid ghosting or leading them on (via Boston Herald). Finally, remember: if they have yet to express interest and agree to a relationship, don't put your eggs in one basket.