Prince Harry Reportedly Had One More Stay At Frogmore Cottage After Eviction

Gifted by the late Queen Elizabeth as a wedding present in 2018, Frogmore Cottage remained in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's possession until March 2023, when it was reported King Charles had ordered Harry and Meghan to vacate the royal residence. Harry and Meghan then addressed the rumor themselves, confirming that they would be leaving Frogmore Cottage permanently. This evacuation order was thought to potentially be part of the aftermath of Harry's book "Spare," which contained several startling revelations and definitely would not have improved his relationship with the royal family.

The property underwent significant renovations during Harry and Meghan's time there, with the work costing £2.4 million overall (almost $3 million.) When the pair officially left the royal family in 2020, a statement from Buckingham Palace confirmed that Harry and Meghan would pay back the entire cost of renovations, previously funded by British taxpayers. Though the Duke and Duchess currently reside in Los Angeles, Harry returned to the UK on March 31 as part of his court case against the Daily Mail– and where he stayed during his visit may surprise you.

The Duke of Sussex was reportedly spotted at his old home

Reports indicate that the Duke of Sussex used Frogmore Cottage as his base during his court appearances for the phone hacking lawsuit he has taken out against the Daily Mail. Technically, he and the Duchess of Sussex have until May 6, 2023, the date of King Charles' Coronation, to vacate the property. Because of this nearby date, it's likely that Harry may have been taking the opportunity to organize which items would be shipped to their Californian home.

Interestingly, rumors are swirling that Frogmore Cottage will now be given to Prince Andrew, though this is purely speculation. If it is the case, Andrew's moving in to Frogmore could cause even more disquiet between Harry and his father, King Charles, as Andrew was disgraced and essentially banished from public view when he was stripped of his titles in February 2022. Although there is no more information now, it seems clear that King Charles could use the Frogmore Cottage eviction as part of his revenge against the accusations and stories Harry wrote about in "Spare."