Will General Hospital's Carly And Sonny Reunite? Let Maurice Benard Tell You

Trying to keep track of how many times Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) have been married on "General Hospital" is no easy task. At times volatile, and others loving, their on-again-off-again relationship goes all the way back to the year 2000. The two keep finding their way back to each other and share a deep love for their seven collective children. Sonny is a mobster who has tried to keep the peace in Port Charles and protect his loved ones for nearly three decades. 

Carly, meanwhile, has always accepted this. In fact, when Sonny was presumed dead, Carly stepped up and ran the organization to protect his territory. Sonny was really alive, but because of an accident, he'd fallen into the Port Charles River and was washed away to Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania, where he suffered from a bout of amnesia. During his time in the quaint town, Sonny fell in love with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) who kept his existence there a secret. 

Sonny would eventually regain his memories and return home, and he couldn't deny that he still had feelings for Nina. This caused him and Carly to once again split up, seemingly permanently. While some "General Hospital" fans want Carly and Sonny to be done for good, others continue to hold out hope for an eventual reunion of the beloved couple. However, Benard may have inadvertently given away a secret about whether the two will find their way back to each other someday.

Was Laura Wright replaced by a goose?

In the hilarious video above, which "General Hospital" star Maurice Benard captioned "SONNY AND CARLY?" the actor is out in public wearing an oversized fleece pullover. The clip, presumably shot by his wife, Paula Benard, depicts a hilarious encounter they had with a Canadian goose. Benard walks up to it saying, "Carly? Hi Carly, how are you? Carly? Are we gonna get back together?" Much to their surprise, the goose shakes its head, to which Paula responds, "Oh. She said 'no.'" Benard laughs, "That was pretty good."

Co-star Laura Wright's reaction was, "What the hell are you wearing? Haaa," causing fans to respond with tons of laughing emojis. Wright followed it up with, "Omg this is amazing," leading one fan to quip, "Carly say yes please." Longtime "GH" viewers continue to hold out hope that Carly and Sonny will eventually reunite, with one arguing, "In all honesty, Sonny and Carly are the best couple because they get each other on a soulful level."

Another agreed, writing, "Who wouldn't love Sonny and Carly? Best couple on GH!" On the flip side, one viewer was opposed to a possible reunion, noting, "Sonny and Carly are better apart because Carly and Drew are a breath of fresh air such a beautiful love story Carly is with someone who treats her like a woman is supposed to be treated." However, one fan remarked, "Sonny and Carly [are] like peanut butter & jelly ... they just go together."