Changing Your Socks Mid-Day Is The Easiest Way To Boost Your Mood

Whether your car wouldn't start or you spilled your protein shake on the way to the gym, some days just start or end a little bit rough. And one bad thing in your day can have a major domino effect. To avoid the crash and fall, having a couple of go-to mood boosters in your back pocket can be helpful when you need to elevate your mood and get back on track to finish off your day. 

There are always surefire ways to start your day in a good mood. Common mood boosters people utilize when their day is in trouble or they're feeling overwhelmed are a cup of coffee, working out, reading a book, or meeting a friend for lunch. Funny enough, all of these positive additions to your day relate to different aspects of your health. They're also super easy changes to make, sort of like when you change your socks, which is also a scientifically proven mood booster. Think about it, doesn't it feel like a new beginning putting on a fresh pair of socks? 

Being in good health mentally, physically, and spiritually directly affects how you handle and cope with stressful situations. As bizarre as it sounds, even your foot health can impact your mental state. So why does foot health matter so much and how can a little adjustment such as changing your socks make your day better?

Foot health matters

You've probably never looked at your feet and thought they were the reason for feeling blue. But the truth is, even your foot health matters when it comes to your mood. Spiritual leaders and yogis around the world have been practicing proactive foot health in a variety of ways for quite a long time. As Niksa Health noted, the Chinese have been putting foot massages to good use for centuries, using them to help with detoxification, circulation, and immune system regulation

On a more spiritual level, massage is used to activate and receive healing energy and help balance the nervous system by moving stuck emotional energy. Since the feet are the closest body part to the earth, followers of Eastern medicine believe that they are what ground you literally and spiritually. Other rituals such as the washing of the feet are common, as well as walking without shoes, which acts as a metaphor for being pure and connected to the higher consciousness.

According to Medical News Today, detoxification through the feet whether it be with a foot soak, scrub, mask, pads, or acupressure can actually put you in a better mood and make you feel less stressed. Think about it, don't you just feel refreshed, happy, and relaxed after a much-needed pedicure?

Changing your socks can improve your day

So what if you don't have time to get a pedicure during your workday or book an appointment with a Thai reflexologist? Well, the answer might shock you, but boosting your mood via your feet is rather simple: change your socks.

This instant mood booster allows your body and mind to rewind to the beginning of the day and start over. Physically, changing your socks during the day and stretching your feet and toes can help your feet stretch more fully than they can while constrained inside a shoe. It's important to never wear shoes that are too small. Your feet need good support, but they also need room to move. Allowing yourself that two-minute breather of changing your socks during a stressful day allows you to be present and reground yourself, immediately boosting your spirits.

Putting a new pair of clean socks on after is the mental refresh you didn't know you needed halfway through your day. Give it a try and see if it'll make you start carrying extra socks with you wherever you go.