The Crucial Step You Might Be Missing While Washing Your Hair

There are so many factors to consider when trying to figure out the perfect hair care routine for yourself, and knowing how often to wash your hair is one of the trickiest obstacles to master. Everyone loves having great-smelling, clean locks, but for many washing your hair every day isn't good for your mane. In fact, it can actually cause a lot of damage to your hair. "Washing your hair too often can make the hair dry and brittle and lead to irritation of the scalp," Dr. Joshua Zeichner told Today.

Of course, factors such as age and the amount of oil your scalp produces will factor into how many times you'll need to wash your hair per week, so pay attention to your body's cues. Other factors such as your workout routines, hair texture, and the products you use may also help you decide when it's time to scrub your scalp.

Hairstylist Kasey Bertucci told the outlet that most people don't need to wash their hair every day and should try to go between two to three days between washing, while others with textured and curly hair are known for having drier locks that can usually get away with being washed every five to seven days. Of course, knowing exactly how to wash your hair is a big factor in keeping it clean and refreshed for longer.

Are you washing your hair correctly?

Washing your hair may seem like one of the most boring and mundane things you have to do during the week. However, for all the times you've lathered up your mane, you may be doing it wrong. Believe it or not, there is a right way to scrub your scalp, and many people skip a very important step while washing their hair during their shower routine. "Applying proper hair washing techniques lets you ensure that you don't damage your hair and follicles," hairstylist Monica Davis revealed to Healthline.

According to Huda Beauty, so many people jump in the shower and immediately began to lather their locks with shampoo. However, this is a big mistake. Instead, allowing the water to completely soak your hair and rinsing your mane for at least 30 seconds is a crucial part of a good hair care routine. This step allows you to help remove any buildup from products or dirt that are hanging out on the surface of your hair. It will also allow your shampoo to work better and penetrate deeper into your strands.

After rising your hair, adding shampoo and lathering up while massing your scalp is the best way to ensure that your hair and scalp are getting the maximum amount of circulation and absorption.

More helpful hair washing tips

While it's important not to skip the first step of their hair-washing routine by saturating your hair and applying your shampoo properly, there is more to be done in the shower if you want gorgeous locks. When it comes to conditioner, many people only need to apply the product to the ends of their hair. Using too much conditioner can create an oily surface on the scalp. Allowing the conditioner to sit on your hair for at least two minutes and then rinsing it with cold water is also helpful for your strands.

Water temperature is another big factor in your hair care routine. While hot showers are satisfying and can help relax tired and sore muscles, steamy temps aren't great for your hair. Hot water can take the moisture out of your strands and leave you with brittle hair or an itchy, dry scalp.

Switching up your shampoo and conditioner is also key to keeping your mane looking healthy and refreshed. While you may have a favorite shampoo and conditioner duo, using them all year round isn't ideal. Instead, volumizing products can help your hair achieve bounce in the winter months, while a smoothing shampoo and conditioner might work better for you in the summertime heat. Whatever your hair care routine is, starting off by washing your hair properly is the first step to stunning strands all year long.