London's Trendiest Nail Color Of The Moment Is Oxblood

There's something about a fresh set of nails that feels like you've had a makeover, even if nothing else has changed. Whether you have a monthly visit to the nail salon or prefer to do your nails yourself, decorating your nails with hearts or refreshing them with a dainty nude color can make you feel like a new person. Doing your nails is the perfect way to get creative with something like cute designs and a bold hot pink color to match your bikini on vacation.

Plus, the best thing about nail looks is that there's a style out there for literally every type of nail, from short to long and everything in-between. It's always a good time to think about updating your current nail look, and one of the nail designs everyone will be asking for in 2023 is oxblood nails.

We've got all the info on why oxblood is so loved in London right now, as well as other trending designs in the UK, so you can step up your nail game.

Use this trend as inspiration for your next trip to the salon

Charlotte Knight, nail tech and founder of Ciate London, told Who What Wear that oxblood is the "it" color in London. Calling it "a moodier version of a classic, deep red," Knight says that oxblood is "famed in London for how well it suits all skin tones—not dark, not too bright, it appeases so many." In-between brown and burgundy, oxblood is a rich and sophisticated shade. Plus, if you go for oxblood nails with a glazed finish, you'll be hitting another trend, as Knight says nails with a glaze finish are trending UK-wise. Though the colors used for glaze nails are usually pale pink, champagne, and nude tones, we think glazed oxblood nails would look undeniably eye-catching.

Some of the best oxblood nail polishes include Ciate London Plant Pots Polish in the shade "Dangerous Affair," a "high-gloss, rich lacquer" deep burgundy shade that will give your nails a gloss effect, and Essie Original Nail Polish in "Bold and Boulder," a "deep burgundy-red polish with brown undertones." These shades hit the sweet spot between pure burgundy and deep brown for the perfect oxblood finish.

Paler nails colors are also trending

If dark nail colors aren't your thing, go for another trending nail design in London instead: the micro French mani. According to Knight, "the micro mani's reign continues in London with teeny accent nails and sized-down French tips," meaning it's time to invest in some nude and white nail polishes and get practising your best mani. Unlike a traditional French mani, which has a longer white tip, the micro French mani is ideal if you prefer your nails shorter or are taking a break from elaborate designs. Even better, as noted by Knight the micro mani nail look ties in nearly with the viral TikTok "clean girl" beauty trend due to its pared-back, minimalist design. 

A couple of our favorite nail polishes for French manis are both from Essie — "Madmoiselle," a dreamy pink shade that isn't too light, and "Blanc," a bright, pure white that will offer full coverage. Make sure to finish with a top coat like this one from O.P.I so your nails feature the chic glaze finish that's also trending.