Use The 10/10/10 Worksheet To Help You Rediscover What You Love When Stuck In A Rut

We've all felt stuck in a rut at one time or another. In life, it's easy to fall into the same old patterns and routines, which can leave you feeling like all of your days are running together. This can also cause periods of low mood, and you may struggle to find the motivation to do everyday tasks such as go to work, shower, and run errands. Some may feel unfulfilled in their daily lives, and find it difficult to simply make it through the day. Feelings of exhaustion, discomfort, and restlessness may also be signs that you're in a rut.


To get out of the dreaded life doldrums, there are a few things that you can do to help yourself feel better and more inspired. Tasks such as spending time with those you love, getting out of the house or office for a while to shake things up, taking a mental health day, speaking with a mental health professional or trusted friend, and performing a bit of self-care can also be steps to get you back up and running after a period of feeling depleted and stuck.

However, there is another method that may help you rediscover some of the joy in your life and motivate yourself when you feel like you're stagnating, and it's called the 10/10/10 method.

How to use the 10/10/10 method to rediscover your passion

If you've been feeling like you're in a rut as of late, the 10/10/10 worksheet method may be for you. This technique originated on TikTok and has helped people rediscover all of the wonderful things in their life when they need a reminder and need to bring about a bit of joy during difficult times. All you need to do the method is a piece of paper and a pen. It's as easy as simply numbering your paper 1 through 10 in three separate sections.


In the first section, list 10 things that you enjoyed doing as a kid. This could be as simple as outdoor activities like sledding or rollerblading, spending time with your family, or settling down for a movie night with your favorite snack. In the second section, list 10 things that you are curious about. This may be hobbies that you're interested in like painting, tennis, or cooking, or perhaps a book or movie you've been thinking about checking out. In the final section, it's time to list 10 things that you enjoy doing now as an adult. Things such as spending time with friends, binge-watching your favorite Netflix series, hitting up a wine bar, or exploring your local thrift store could be included on your worksheet.


Once your sheet is filled out, read over it and find something you can do in the coming days to rediscover your passion for life.

You can also use the 10/10/10 method for manifestation

In addition to finding a way out of a rut, the 10/10/10 worksheet can also be used to help you set goals and manifest your dreams. Many people on TikTok are using this technique to help them create a list and collect their thoughts before manifesting. You can even change up the technique, using the first section of the paper to list 10 of your exciting desires such as a vacation to Europe, a new car, or finding a romantic partner. The second section could be used for gratitude, where you can list out all of the things that make you thankful, like friends, family, your job, your home, and more. The third section can then detail things that you love to do such as drawing, listening to music, crafting, baking, etc.


The gratitude section along with your desires and things you love can help you look ahead to the future to set goals for many different aspects of your life such as relationships, career, hobbies, or travel. From there, you can use a number of techniques to manifest those dreams and desires, whether it's journaling and scripting, meditation, or letter writing.

Whatever way you like to manifest, the 10/10/10 worksheet can help you organize your thoughts and feelings to achieve better results.