The Best Way To Fix Your Terrible Home-Cut Bangs (And When To See A Hair Stylist)

Bangs — the forbidden fruit of hairstyles for most. Yet, at the same time, they're probably the most popular at-home haircut. But more often than not, they come out looking questionable. Let that sink in. Even though cutting bangs is so easy to mess up, you almost certainly know somebody who's done it themselves or have yourself — and regretted it.

Cutting your one's own bangs is often an impulse decision, and it seems so easy to do. Imagine this: you're antsy, longing for a change, and you need it now. You've decided a fringe is the right look for you. There's practically no preparation required, you tell yourself — just a pair of scissors and a straight line across that central piece of your hair. Still, you're not crazy to do it before watching a few YouTube tutorials. With your newfound knowledge about feathering, you feel invincible and ready to chop.

Except it turns out terribly. There were factors you didn't consider, and now you hate your new bangs. Despite how it might feel, it's not the end of the world.

Fixing the bang damage

While it can't be undone, there are some ways to fix your terrible DIY bangs. First, step away from the scissors! If you only trimmed your pre-existing bangs a little bit too short, a head accessory like a hat or a head scarf might do the trick until the section grows out.

However, if you totally botched your hairstyle, you'll need to do more. Erickson Arrunategui, an industry-leading hair stylist, suggests, "If you happened to cut them a bit uneven, try flat-ironing the hair, then split it in small horizontal sections and see if you can find the area that may be longer than the other. If it's an obvious find, then I would trim it, but be careful not to take off any length from areas that are already shortened," he told The Zoe Report. The low-maintenance 'sleepy fringe' look could work well for you in this case, as its messiness might hide the unevenness.

If you've really gone overboard and going even shorter freaks you out, hair stylist Justine Marjan suggests playing with different hairstyles and accessories until your length is back. "If you aren't willing to commit to the shorter length, I suggest trying to wear your bangs to the side or camouflaging them in braids and headbands until they grow out," she shared with Allure.

When it's time to visit the hair salon

The damage is done, and you can't or don't want to fix your botched bangs on your own. It's time to give your hairstylist a call and book an appointment. Don't be embarrassed to do so, as everyone has steered off the right hair path at least once. A professional will definitely do a better job at fixing your hair than you will, whatever the damage may be. They will assess the situation and try to pull off the most flattering bangs for your face shape.

With thicker hair, a hairstylist can add more layers around your face to soften your new fringe. If you have hair on the curlier side and don't like how your home-cut bangs turned out, the salon could give you hope. "Curly hair can often hide a bit more mistakes because the hair shrinks up so much," Erickson Arrunategui tells The Zoe Report.

If all else fails, there are always micro bangs. They might not be what you were going for originally, but they're the last resort for saving your look. There's a small chance you cut your bangs so short that they can't be turned into micro bangs. If you're an adult, at least. So, bring out your cool and rock that European look for a bit! Just don't do them yourself! Let the hairstylist do the micro for you. Please.