The Crystals You Need To Bring Energy And Positivity Into Summer 2023

The use of crystals has been gaining popularity, and many believe the stones have healing properties that can bring luck, prosperity, and abundance into their lives. Crystals can be used for many things, including being useful while manifesting your dreams into reality. They can be carried in pockets and purses or worn as jewelry. Of course, different crystals are known for bringing different elements into the user's life, such as wealth, health, or love. They are said to be great for absorbing negative energy and thoughts, which helps to ease minds and calm emotions.


"Crystals are made up of different elements or compounds, which our bodies react to in different ways," crystal master healer Sonali Saujani told Healthline. "Crystals are minerals that hold energy, and as we as humans are made up of energy, we can exchange energy with the crystal when we work with it."

This means that choosing the right crystals for you is important, and with summer right around the corner, plenty of options can help deliver you a fun and safe summer filled with positive energy and vibes along the way. So, which crystal should you be using this summer?

Sunstone promotes happiness and enthusiasm

For those looking to bring some positive energy and lots of enthusiasm into your life during the summer months, sunstone may be for you. The crystal promotes optimism and positive thoughts while helping you discover your authentic self. If you're struggling to let go of any past relationship issues, the gem may also help by allowing you to feel like the most independent version of yourself.


Sunstone is also known for its ability to shine a light on joyful things and can encourage a healthy metabolism as it clears out negative energy from your life. The stone is said to help balance chakras and bring a heightened sense of wisdom and intuition into the user's life.

Although anyone can use sunstone, Tiny Rituals reveals that those with the zodiac signs of Libra or Leo may feel a bit more drawn to the stunning crystal, which includes warm orange, red, brown, and gold colors. The look and the feel of sunstone seem to fit perfectly for the summer months, and if you're hoping to have a fun, adventurous, and carefree summer, then using sunstone could help you amplify your energy to do just that.


Carrying Aquamarine will bring you relaxing summer vibes

Aquamarine is another great healing crystal to have in your arsenal is another great crystal to have in your arsenal during the summer months. The gem is stunning with its cool blue tones and is said to bring a sense of peace and calm. The crystal has cooling vibes that can encourage those who use it to get into the spirit of a relaxing summer mindset, including spending time in the sun, hitting the pool, and hanging out by the bonfire while roasting marshmallows at night. The crystal could help you regain a bit of the carefree spirit of your youth as a method of self-care during the sizzling season.


The Ancient Sage reveals that aquamarine is a great crystal to help with courage and offers protection to those who use it. The stone is said to be closely related to nature and the sea, making it perfect for carrying with you on all of your summer adventures. Aquamarine also encourages communication, so if you've been having problems verbalizing your thoughts and feelings, the gem could be just what you need to help you connect to those around you, including yourself.

Ocean jasper brings happiness, confidence, and healing

If you want to bring more joy into your life this summer, ocean jasper may be just what the new-age doctor ordered. The crystal is all about health and happiness, with a vibration that will help you live in the moment and enjoy whatever life throws at you during your summer adventures. With themes of balance and grounding, ocean jasper is closely linked to the ocean and the moon.


In addition, ocean jasper is said to carry some profound healing properties. The gem can provide joyful and calm energy to its users and is known for healing many physical and medical conditions, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, skin issues, tooth infections, and more. The crystal connects to the throat and heart chakras, making it ideal for someone who needs to be more open and positive and see the light in dark situations.

Wearing ocean jasper as jewelry or keeping it in your pocket will help you have strong and confident social interactions and offer you protection while traveling this summer. It can also be beneficial while meditating or doing daily affirmations. So, if you're looking to be your most self-assured and joyful self this summer, this crystal is for you.


Use tiger's eye to step out of your comfort zone

When it comes to useful crystals, tiger's eye is one of the best. This stone is said to carry so many great benefits with it and can be used to help you step out of your comfort zone and try something new this summer. Tiger's eye lends its users strength and the vision to see through those who may have ill intentions towards you. The gem is known for heightening senses and pushing creative flow while offering courage to overcome any fear and doubt. The stone can also help attract significant abundance to you, offering up luck and money to those who carry it.


Tiger's eye also has a reputation for being a very protective stone and was once considered more precious than gold, per Tiny Rituals. The crystal can also aid in increasing motivation, preventing periods of depression, and helping to balance the endocrine system. The crystal is said to hold heat from the sun, which is a great reason to take it with you on your travels this summer.

While toting the stone around, you may find yourself feeling more confident and energetic as you notice the negative energy and thoughts falling away, creating the best possible vibes for the summer season.

Rose quartz is sure to fill your summer with love and romance

Those seeking romance, love, acceptance, and joy this summer will want to keep a rose quartz crystal with them. The stone is known for its extraordinary powers of love and can not only help attract love and romance into your life but also help you fall in love with yourself. By wearing or carrying the crystal, rose quartz will help you gain self-acceptance and see those around you for what they truly are, your most beloved friends and family members.


"Rose quartz is a powerful healing crystal," crystal healer and reiki master Keith Birch tells Healthline. "Its soft, gentle, almost pastel pale pink coloring is a good indication of its most commonly known property: that of pure love. It's a stone of both giving and receiving love."

Because we could all use a little love, romance, and fun in our lives this summer, rose quartz should be a staple in any crystal-lovers collection. Even if you're just looking for a fun and flirty fling during the hottest time of the year, rose quartz has you covered with its fun and fabulous energy and vibes. Rose quartz's beautiful pink color also makes it easy to wear and accessorize as jewelry.

Clear quartz is perfect for attracting positivity

If you're a crystal enthusiast, you likely already know that clear quartz is one of the most important crystals to have any time of the year. The stone is perfect for all seasons, but it can amplify energy in the summer, which means putting positive energy into it will magnify those vibes. Many people use clear quartz with other crystals, and the gorgeous clear gem is often known for helping people gain clarity, restore balance, and focus on their goals.


Clear quartz is also said to help with meditation and attract positivity and protection. Taking the crystal with you wherever you find yourself this summer should help you enjoy the beauty of nature, create fond memories, have safe travels, and have an all-around great time. Adding it to your other summer stones will also intensify their properties and benefits, so be careful when using clear quartz with other crystals in your collection.

Whichever crystals you decide will work best for you this summer, be sure to research their uses and properties so that you understand precisely what you're in for while looking to have a fun, safe, and memorable summer season.