The Simple Trick For Getting More Volume At Your Roots

If you have fine textured hair, you've probably struggled with getting it to fill out your head when styling it. It can be pretty frustrating when you're going for a simple look but have to use half a bottle of sticky hairspray just to avoid having flat hair. The best looking styles have body and personality, and sometimes your hair just doesn't cooperate.


Flat hair usually occurs as a result of product buildup. If you already have fine hair, then oil and products can weigh your strands down even more, causing them to lie against your head. If you're not the biggest fan of the shape of your skull, then this would make you upset.

People with flat hair have tried all the hacks in the book to get it to rise. You've probably tried teasing it until you could lose a whole hairbrush in the tangles, but there is a very simple trick to achieving that voluminous, full look you crave without going through the motions.

Using dry shampoo will get rid of buildup at the roots

Flat hair can be a menacing task to amend. However, there is one product you can use to target the product buildup at the root level and that is dry shampoo. Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin told Cosmopolitan that she uses dry shampoo on her scalp, sometimes spraying it onto her hands and applying it with her fingers. This helps to lift the hair and give it a fuller look.


Dry shampoo is a powdered form of shampoo that doesn't need washing out. It can contain an alcohol or starch base and comes as an aerosol spray. How dry shampoo actually works is by targeting the oil and dirt buildup on your scalp and absorbing it. Its strong base is what gives hair the volume it needs.

If you want even bigger hair, Atkin also recommends the usual volumizing tactics which include brushing your hair forwards from the back and using volumizing hairspray. As long as you aren't damaging your tresses, don't be afraid to really put in the work. The higher your hair, the closer you are to heaven.

Dry shampoo should be used in moderation

Too much of a good thing can easily turn into a bad thing with negative side effects. Dry shampoo is a drying agent — obviously — so this means it's over usage can dry out your hair. Plus, it doesn't do much in the way of actually cleaning your hair because it only absorbs impurities, not wash them out. Because of its ingredients, dry shampoo has the tendency to also accumulate at your roots and cause even more buildup and even lead to dandruff, according to WebMD. If you're wondering how often you should use dry shampoo, peg it at one day at a time and never twice in a row. Hair experts also discourage use for more than three months at a time.


While dry shampoo is an excellent tool to revive your roots and add volume to your hair, it should never substitute for a proper wash with regular shampoo and water.