How Often You Should Really Use Dry Shampoo

For those of us with oily hair and a packed schedule, dry shampoo is a godsend in a bottle. In addition to being an essential item in our gym bags, dry shampoo is also a lifesaver on days when you're on the go for 16 hours and just don't have the energy to do a full shampoo.

But experts say we shouldn't become too reliant on dry shampoo. After all, the phrase "too much of a good thing" exists for a reason. So how often is it OK to use this hair product?

"My general rule of thumb is two times a week max for any leave-in product that doesn't involve washing the hair, unless it's a hydrating oil," Mona Gohara, M.D., a dermatologist at the Yale School of Medicine, told Real Simple. "For some, [dry shampoo] can create irritation, or inflammation of the hair follicles. Most of the time, the scalp is un-fazed by dry shampoo, but when irritation does set in, it's not fun."

Gohara also recommends being mindful of how you apply dry shampoo. "Only spray the oily spots where you need it," she advises. It's also important to make sure you're not putting the dry shampoo directly on your scalp because that can lead to inflammation and irritation.

Here's how often you should wash your hair with regular shampoo

"How often should I wash my hair?" is the eternal question. Some people say they can easily go several days without doing a thorough shampoo job, while some of us develop greasy-looking hair if we skip just one or two days of washing our hair.

"Unfortunately there is no set answer for this," celebrity hairstylist Derek Yuen told Byrdie. "What it comes down to is personal preference, daily habits, hair texture, and scalp health."

However, Yuen does caution against shampooing too often. "Shampoo traps dirt and oil residues, which then will rinse away," he explained. "Our scalp naturally releases oils to protect and moisturize our strands. Over-shampooing will strip too much of the necessary oils and can lead to dry, brittle hair and breakage."

Yuen also recommends only using sulfate-free shampoos. Per Real Simple, you should also be mindful of the ingredients in your dry shampoo. Celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook Jones told the outlet to stay away from dry shampoos that list alcohol as one of the main ingredients because it will dehydrate your hair.