Only True Fans Remember Alicia Silverstone Starred In A 2006 Hallmark Movie

Alicia Silverstone is one of the actresses that defined an era of movies. In arguably her most iconic role as Cher Horowitz, the always fabulous main character from "Clueless," she set in place many of the trends that are still alive to this day (hello Y2K fans). She is the cooler version of Barbie (more like a Bratz doll, in our opinion), the epitome of '90s and early '00s culture, and who every high school girl in that time aspired to be like.

Those who haven't kept up to date with the actress may wonder whatever happened to Alicia Silverstone after she stepped out of the limelight for a while, but her hardcore fans know that she's been keeping busy with her many passions. She's collaborated with PETA to fight for animal rights and, of course, continued acting (via The Guardian). She's been in many films since her breakout role as Cher, but you just have to know where to look to find them. 

For the truly dedicated fans of Silverstone who love catching the actress in as many movies as possible, have we got a treat for you. There's a 2006 Hallmark drama that's slipped under the radar for many people, but it's a movie you'll want to see.

She plays the girl he tells you not to worry about

One of the reasons people love watching Hallmark movies is because they're just so relatable. If there's a specific romantic situation you've experienced in your own life or are just craving to see onscreen, it's almost guaranteed Hallmark has a movie with that exact setup. A trope we always love to see play out is the return of the old flame. That's just what Alicia Silverstone serves us in the 2006 Hallmark drama "Candles on Bay Street."

Silverstone plays the charming Dee Dee, a free-spirited candlemaker who's moved back to her hometown with her son years after running away with a boy she loved. She left behind Sam, a quiet guy who was a very close friend of hers. How close, you ask? Close enough that he was planning on gifting her his class ring the night she ran away. That's a big red flag for his current, loving wife Lydia, who is understandably upset when she sees Sam paying a little too much attention to the beautiful girl from his childhood memories.

There's a twist to this "old flame comes back to town" story that will definitely catch you by surprise. That's saying a lot for a Hallmark movie; they aren't exactly a brand known for having "Inception" levels of diverting your expectations. We won't spill the secret, but if you have the chance to catch Silverstone in this magical movie, don't miss it.

Alicia Silverstone loved playing a mother

It's a nice surprise to see Alicia Silverstone acting in "Candles on Bay Street." Fans who only know her from "Clueless" or Aerosmith's music videos will enjoy the switch-up of seeing her play a more serious character in a drama flick. Dee Dee is a smiling, easygoing person with a deep understanding and love for life, but she harbors a dark secret that adds a layer of mystery to her character. As you're watching, you'll find it hard not to like her, even though you know you're supposed to be just a little suspicious of her. After all, she's upsetting a happy marriage! Still, you can't help but think she's a nice person, even during the very beginning of the movie. It just goes to show you how likable of an actress she is.

Silverstone loved acting in the movie and really took to the role, particularly playing child actor Matthew Knight's mother. During an interview with WKRC-TV, Silverstone, who is a mother in real life, explained how fond she was of playing a young mother in the film, saying she enjoyed bringing her own take to the character. 

Add this one to another of our favorite Silverstone flicks.