Give Yourself Some Me-Time By Taking A 'Mouse Moment'

What exactly is a "mouse moment?" What does a claymation of a humble rodent nibbling on candies set to melancholic background music have to do with me-time? Having a little mouse moment on TikTok quickly evolved from a tiny cartoon creature enjoying a snack solo to a way to ground yourself after, or even during, a busy day. Like the original claymation video from "Creature Comforts," a little mouse moment often includes a snack or meal enjoyed during a few minutes of peaceful introspection. 

Some calming and somber music is typically the soundtrack of choice on social media, much like the original TikTok's "New Home" by Austin Farwell. The trend began popping up on people's FYP around September 2022. Since then, #mousemoment has quickly become a staple in the lives of those who enjoy taking a few quiet minutes to themselves. It's not purely about having a midnight snack or sharing a clip of yourself sitting pensively in your car. Instead, a mouse moment is all about me-time. 

One way to know if you're an introvert or an extrovert is if you find mouse moments an ideal time to enjoy your own company without distraction. Those of us that tend to shy away from being overly social sometimes relish little mouse moments. Here's why you shouldn't fear the mouse moments in life, and instead embrace them more fully. 

Are mouse moments lonely?

There was a brief period when mouse moments were slightly misconstrued. The hashtag and trend were initially paired with dads eating alone or the caption "POV: that one kid at lunch eating alone," which went viral with millions of views, comments, and likes. But most will argue that's far from the point. A mouse moment is taking the time to briefly step back from the chaos of life. 

Whether it's having a bite to eat in your car or snacking on the bench outside in between door dashes, they don't have to be sad or lonely, or even especially mindful or deep, for that matter. Sometimes, you can have a mouse moment and not even realize it, such as when you find yourself daydreaming at the counter while mindlessly eating after a stressful day, as in the video above. 

For many of us, our days are riddled with tiny mouse moments as we try to balance well-being with the demands of a busy life. We don't stop and appreciate these minutes of relaxation too often, but there's no denying how beneficial they can be.

How to have a mouse moment

Still, while you may enjoy a moment of solitude while in the corner nibbling on a treat, it's important not to stay there. Mouse moments are meant to be just that — a moment. Despite the current "sad girl" trend — just one of the dangerous TikTok trends that can leave teens feeling vulnerable — loneliness and isolation can have some serious mental health drawbacks. Even introverts can benefit from socializing with friends, such as by enjoying a meal or a quiet drink together. If you want to enjoy a little mouse moment yourself, you may be surprised how often you end up having one without even trying. 

As user @katiesbell puts it, "Life is made up of little mouse moments," like the pauses in a packed calendar. You might discover that you're having a mouse moment when you're eating alone amongst outside noise. For some, eating by yourself can bring feelings of loneliness or dejection since the practice is against the norm for most cultures. But these relatable moments don't have to be depressing. 

User @leximmerritt, who acknowledged that she once feared eating alone over how she'd be received by judgmental strangers, now praises mouse moments for the opportunity they give for her to quietly observe the world. So, don't shy away from the mouse moment. Instead, consider it a few minutes of forced mindfulness in which you can unwind, reflect, and just be. Soon, you'll learn to treat them as some well-deserved me-time to savor!