The Simple Tool To Help You Track And Identify Your Emotions

How does mental health weigh in importance compared to physical health? "Mental and physical health are equally important components of overall health," states the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. "For example, depression increases the risk for many types of physical health problems, particularly long-lasting conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke."

To manage your mental health, most experts recommend seeing a therapist or a psychologist. However, not everyone has the luxury of affording these services. There are several ways to care for your mental health if you can't afford therapy. Practicing gratitude and having a support network is a few of those ways.

While these are helpful tips for boosting your mental health, there are other options available. A new, popular method includes online tools that will actually help your mental health, and TikTok has found the latest app you can download to track your moods, monitor your emotions, and in the end, work on your overall mental health.

This TikTok trend benefits your mental health

TikTok has become a great resource for finding helpful tips and tricks. From the latest makeup and beauty products to the best new books released, the app has built a community around just about every topic of interest. Mental health and tools to boost your mood have a place on the app, too. There are creators who specialize in mental health advocacy and use their platform to spread the word.

TikTok user @gaelaitor_ made a post about an app that helps you track your emotions. "I've been tracking my mood every day for the last six months," he shared, adding that the app was recommended to him by his therapist to help better understand the emotions he was feeling.

The app is called How We Feel and it works as an online journal to collect information regarding your feelings during daily tasks to help you track and monitor your mental health. The award-winning app is free to download.

The How We Feel app has rave reviews from users

The How We Feel app asks users how they feel and creates graphs and charts with the information you provide. There are four main categories: high energy unpleasant, high energy pleasant, low energy unpleasant, and low energy pleasant. From there, it will help you get more specific with your feelings. For example, you can log that you were bored, calm, and tense, plus many other options. The app will also ask you to share what you were doing during these moments. Were you with friends? At home? Driving? These are all categories the information you log will go into.

From there, you will get an overview of how you were feeling during different times of the day and during different activities. This app has become a hit with users, many of whom sounded off in the comments of the original TikTok.

"This app is so good. I use it too," wrote one TikTok user. "I didn't even realize some of the correlations. It proved a lot to me!" Another chimed in, "As someone that cycles through different emotions multiple times a day, I love this."