The Viral Customizable Shoe You Can Change From Heels To Flats Instantly

Invented for Persian men in the 10th century, high heels have been worn by women since the 1500s. While heels can induce feelings of power and boost your self-esteem, they have a downside. When you wear heels every day, you can get back pain, knee pain, bunions, corns on your feet, and more. If you've worn heels on a night out or for hours on end, you know that the discomfort can be unbearable. Pashion Footwear hopes to revolutionize how women wear heels. Haley Pavone, a former Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student, founded the company in 2019.

When Pavone was dancing in heels one night, she later took them off. However, when someone on the dance floor injured her bare feet, Pavone decided then and there that she would create a heel that could convert into a flat. Pashion Footwear was born and Pavone later appeared on Season 12 of the hit show "Shark Tank". While she did not make a deal with the Sharks, Pavone told Quotable Media Co that the publicity helped Pashion Footwear take off. There's also the promise that within a few moments, you'll have a completely different shoe by changing out the heel that helped boost the shoe's popularity.

This is how Pashion Footwear works

Pashion Footwear, which claims to be the first convertible heel on the market, is sold exclusively on its website. They carry sizes 5 to 11, and their styles include sandals, pumps, and booties. Their shoes come in different materials, such as patent leather and suede. Likewise, there are multiple shades to choose from, including pastels and neutrals. Depending on the style of shoe and whether you pick a heel that is three or four inches, prices can range from $75 to $225. All Pashion shoes come with a heel and a flat cap.

When you're ready to transition from a heel to a flat, all you need to do is click on a button located on the heel and twist until it comes off. You then place the flat cap to complete the conversion. If you want your flats to become heels again, take the flat cap off, and put the heel on by twisting it until it locks into the shoe. You can purchase additional heels, such as block heels and stilettos in an array of colors and designs, to further customize your Pashion Footwear shoes. As for comfort, Pashion Footwear claims that its flats and heels can be likened to a pair of sneakers. Regarding their high price point, Haley Pavone told Forbes that she believes it's reasonable because you get "two shoes for the price of one."

The feedback on Pashion Footwear is mostly positive

Customers approve of Pashion Footwear, with many saying the shoes are worth the price and are innovative. Others note that they are true to size and that changing the heel is a breeze. In a TikTok, @megansbubble says that they are a game-changer and are especially ideal for weddings. TikToker @houseofbonzi noted that the shoes are snug and work-appropriate. TikTok user @v1v1an agrees. Under a video discussing her Pashion Footwear shoes, she commented that "the arch is super bendable and will form to fit your foot." In a review for The Quality Edit, writer Grace Smith explained what she did and didn't like about the shoes.

Smith wrote that shoes from Pashion Footwear are heels everyone needs in their closet but did say that wearing the shoes as flats felt "strange" at first. In a review by Cosmopolitan, writer Sam Peters felt the same way. Peters added that figuring out how to convert the heel to a flat was tricky. However, Kaitlyn Wells from The New York Times did not like the shoes at all. She said that Pashion Footwear's booties hurt her feet to the point where she was advised against wearing them. Like Peters, Wells felt that the transition from heel to flat was more complicated than it should be and said she did not feel like Pashion Footwear met its potential.