All Of Lucy Coe's Husbands On General Hospital

Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) has always had boundless energy and enthusiasm for projects she's working on, like the Nurses' Ball, on "General Hospital." However, Lucy is the kind of person who leaps before she looks, often getting into precarious situations as a result. She's also jumped into several marriages over the years, most of which didn't last very long. When we first met Lucy, she appeared to be a timid librarian. However, it was soon revealed that Lucy had a wild side to her. 

She got involved with Kevin O'Connor (Kevin Bernhardt), not knowing he was secretly a killer, and ended up providing Kevin with an alibi for one of his murders. Jake Meyer (Sam Behrens), the husband of Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman), had an affair with Lucy, effectively destroying his marriage. Lucy then moved on to Dr. Tony Jones (George Bradley Maule). Tony had been married to Tania Roskov (Hilary Edson) and they had a girl that they named Barbara Jean, or B.J., after Bobbie. 

After a car accident took Tania's life, Tony was left to raise B.J. by himself. Lucy became the girl's nanny, and she and Tony soon found love and got married in 1987. However, Lucy almost lost Tony when B.J. drank nail polish remover under her watch. But, despite the fact that Tony was able to forgive her, they didn't stay married for much longer because Tony divorced Lucy after he learned that she had been cheating on him. 

Lucy next married Alan Quartermaine

While Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon) was married to Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson), he and Lucy Coe started having an affair and she wanted him to get a divorce and be with her instead. Lucy tried using Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) to make him jealous, but Alan remained focused on Monica's happiness. So Lucy let their affair slip to the local press, causing a major scandal. Alan and Monica divorced, and he married Lucy to defuse the situation. 

The wedding was held at the Quartermaine mansion, but due to a mix-up, Lucy's gown ended up being a hideous red color accessorized by a ridiculously large matching hat.  She soon revealed that she was pregnant, but when it turned out Scotty was the father, Alan dumped her. Lucy would eventually change her scheming ways and even became a surrogate for Scotty's wife, Dominique Stanton (Shell Danielson), who was dying from a brain tumor. 

Sadly, Dominique passed before she could see the birth of baby Serena. Her uncle, Rex Stanton (Wayne Northrop), came to town with designs on taking the child. Rex committed several crimes and framed Scotty for them. Lucy married Rex in order to keep an eye on Serena, and she worked with Scotty and Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) to record Rex's confession about plotting a murder, thereby sending him to jail. From prison, he poisoned Lucy and sabotaged her cosmetics company's products. Rex hasn't been seen since.

Lucy had a short union with Scotty too

On the "General Hospital" spin-off series, "Port Charles," Lucy Coe and Kevin Collins grew closer and eventually got engaged. During this time, Lucy discovered she had psychic powers and was descended from a line of vampire hunters. She even helped Kevin when he suffered from a mental breakdown, but as they drew closer to their wedding, Lucy became jealous of Kevin's friendship with Dr. Eve Lambert (Julie Pinson). Her antics against Eve inadvertently caused Serena Baldwin (Carly Schroeder) to go temporarily blind, and Kevin canceled the wedding.

Lucy and Scott would later reunite and get married themselves. At the Nurses' Ball one year, they came across a baby named Christina. The child turned out to belong to Julie Devlin (Lisa Ann Hadley) and Frank Scanlon (Jay Pickett), but Scotty ended up adopting the baby himself. Julie kidnapped Christina and left Port Charles, and this put a wedge between Scotty and Lucy. Ultimately, they got divorced too although the former couple remained friends.

Lucy and Kevin would eventually get back together, and he gave Lucy a surprise wedding. After being injected with a psychotropic drug, Kevin believed himself to be his evil twin, Ryan Chamberlain, and tried to kill her. They got past that, but Lucy found herself drawn back to Scotty. They kissed at the Nurses' Ball, but the stage curtain inadvertently went up, revealing them — with Lucy half-dressed — and her marriage to Kevin was over.