Straight Eyebrows Are Having A Moment-Here's What To Know

It seems like just yesterday, people were looking for natural ways to grow fuller eyebrows. But oh, how the trend tides have shifted in the beauty world. Now, people are seeking professional tips to bleach their eyebrows at home. One of the most drastic examples of this shift is the hashtag #shavemyeyebrow. Shocking enough, this trend has more than 22 million views on TikTok. Now, in most cases, these posts don't reveal full brow shaves. Instead, many TikTok users are shaving off the ends of their eyebrows and styling them to get #straighteyebrows, a hashtag with over 120 million views.

How we went from microblading thick, perfect arches to slicing them clean off might seem perplexing, but when you look at the trends on social media the path is pretty clear. As with many beauty trends, celebrities have played a huge role in popularizing straight eyebrows — Bella Hadid in particular. The shape is intended to make one's face look as lifted as Hadid's. But before you get to shaving your browbone, there are a few things to know about the trend.

Why so many people want straight eyebrows

What has lured people into the straight eyebrow shape is the promise that it will make their faces look as lifted as the runway models. Model and TikTok user @kenzlawren shared some industry secrets that models use to get the sought-after "snatched" look. Straight eyebrows are one of them. After styling one of her eyebrows with a traditional arch and the other with a straight shape, she explained that a " ... secret for looking snatched is brow shape. Notice the difference between this brow and this brow? One is obviously more lifted at the tail end than the other."

It's clear that the strong, distinct design of the straight brow makes her face as a whole appear stronger. It also directs the onlooker's eyes up, giving the illusion that the whole face is tighter and more lifted. @kenzlawren told her 1.6M followers how to do the same to their own brows. She said, "Fun fact I don't even have a tail end. I take a dermaplaning tool, and I actually shave off this line, then I fill it in with a brow pencil lifting up." While the brow shape does push her focal points upwards, following this tutorial might not suit everyone.

When you might want to avoid the straight eyebrow trend

The straight eyebrow TikTok tutorials and their subsequent transformations look tempting enough to want to grab a razor and do it yourself. But before you do, you should probably slow your roll. Licensed aesthetician and brow artist Gigi Adon told PopSugar "While the results of straight brows may be stunning, I would caution against attempting it. The effects can potentially be permanent, and it may take several months or even years for your brows to grow back to their natural shape." However, Adon adds that if you have fast-growing hair, you might not have to worry about this risk as much.

If you're worried about your hair growing back, there does happen to be an alternative to shaving off the tail end of your brows. Brow expert Joey Healy mentioned to Mindbodygreen that "You can use concealer to conceal the end of the brow, and then draw on a straighter brow with a pencil." You can use this hack to get a preview of what straight eyebrows would look like on your unique face. Or if you want to step out in straight brows one night without committing to anything semi-permanent or permanent, Healy's method will do just the trick.