Can Banana Peel Facials Reduce Wrinkles?

From frozen cucumbers to yogurt and turmeric masks, it appears that simplifying one's skincare routine has become the newest trend for beauty buffs. In the age of "hauls," it's easy to collect bottles of high-end peels and treatments to decorate your bathroom sink, even if they don't actually work. It also seems like the oily vs. dry tests, brand wars, and influencer reviews never end. So, could a return to good-ol' skincare — using ingredients you can pronounce — be just what your skin needs?

Well, for those battling pesky forehead lines or wrinkles, banana peels might just be the DIY beauty hack you've been searching for. This natural and inexpensive facial has been trending for its supposed anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing properties. Plus, it's a good way to make complete use of your favorite fruit after you're done snacking. 

But what are the true benefits of banana peels for your skin? Before you try the slimy face mask that's been all over TikTok, let's explore the origins and benefits of banana peels for your skin.

The origins of banana peels for beauty

The benefit of bananas for overall health is widely known: their high count of vital nutrients granted bananas the title of the first superfood. Bananas are rich in nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, and most importantly, silica, which is a crucial mineral for producing collagen. Collagen is a super protein that aids in replacing dead skin cells and resurfacing a new skin barrier, resulting in plumper, more youthful-looking skin. It sounds almost too good to be true; the perfect anti-aging product could already be sitting on your kitchen sink. Should you consider sparing the trashcan and getting your hands dirty with these leftovers?

Well, one TikToker claims that banana peels can replace even the most expensive skin upkeep: Botox. In a now viral video, TikTok user @alaynaryan1979 showcases her banana peel facial routine. She even directs followers to look out for the ripeness of the fruit, noting,"The grosser it looks from the outside, the better your skin's gonna look!"

In another viral video boosting the trend, dermatologist Mamina Turegano, MD, shows how her mother uses banana peels on her entire body. Dr. Turegano claims that banana peels provide skin benefits like hydration and exfoliation, while also assisting in fighting wrinkles and evening out skin tone. Crediting banana peels as the key to her 72-year-old mother's glowing skin, the effects of this superfood facial appear incredible.

Experts' final verdict: to use or not to use?

The big question that remains is: can the beauty of banana peels be backed up by science? The simple answer is no, according to dermatologist Dr. Samer Jaber. However, Dr. Jaber told USA Today that while there's no proven scientific benefit, your skin won't hate you for rubbing banana peels on it. The dermatologist also warned against believing influencer and skincare companies' false claims for products that have magic results, including overnight remedies.

However, there could be some upsides to using banana peels on the skin. In case you still want to give it a go, they shouldn't cause any direct harm — unless you're allergic. Dermatologist Hadley King, MD, told MindBodyGreen that rubbing banana peels onto your skin may provide benefits like gentle exfoliation, a nutrient boost, and reduced puffiness. This "boost" includes antioxidants, potassium, zinc, and amino acids, nutrients that all support skin aging and its side effects, which may include wrinkles.

The main takeaway from this trend is that skincare should be holistic, and not dependent on one product. While banana peel facials may benefit your skin, they won't serve as a cure-all for wrinkles or age spots. As Dr. Jaber advises, maintaining a simple skincare routine, getting plenty of exercise, sleeping sufficiently, and eating healthily are your best bet for reaching #skincaregoals.