Lavender Hair Inspo For Any Hair Type

With its cotton-candy-like hues, pastel hair may appear to be a recent innovation. However, the truth is that individuals have embraced pastel hair for hundreds of years. In the 1700s, both men and women wore powdered wigs. According to author and historian Geri Walton, women could purchase lavender-colored powder for their wigs. 

In modern times, lavender hair has been donned by various celebrities. In 2015, pop star Katy Perry showed off her lavender tresses on the red carpet at the Grammys. A few years later, in 2018, Ariana Grande caused a commotion on social media when she debuted her lavender hair on Instagram. At the 2019 Met Gala, Kylie Jenner wore a stunning lavender frock designed by Versace. Jenner topped her show-stopping look by wearing a matching long lavender wig. 

Lately, lavender hair is experiencing a resurgence, and experts say that this is a hair color trend that suits everyone.  This soft shade elicits thoughts of spring and summer, and needless to say, lavender hair will have you turning heads. If you're looking for a new hair color for the warm weather and clear skies just around the corner, here's some lavender hair inspo for different hair types and lengths. 

Lavender is a complementary hair color

Lavender hair has been continually praised for its ability to look good on anyone, regardless of skin color or hair type. Celebrity hairstylist Matthew Collins told Hair, "The thing I love about violet shades is that they can suit both warm and cool skin tones." While this notion applies to all shades of purple in the color family, lavender is beyond versatile. 

Instagram user @vntage.melanin chose a light lavender hue for her dreadlocks. Her hairstyle frames her face beautifully, while the lavender shade emphasizes her stunning features and smooth skin. 

Rock a darker lavender shade

While you can dye your hair lavender at home, experts recommend going to a salon to get the job done. Because of the bleaching aspect involved in the process, experts also note that it would be best for your hair to be as healthy as it can be before dyeing it lavender. If you want to minimize the damage from lightening your hair, consider a darker lavender shade. 

On Instagram, hairstylist @bri_claire_hair shows off a client's hair with shades of lavender and what she refers to as "pastel black." Her client has mid-length wavy hair and curtain bangs that create an edgy look.

Here's how to maintain lavender hair

With her short curly lavender hair, Instagram user @crisbrandaofernandes proves that your hair type or length isn't of great importance to don this pastel shade; it's universal. 

However, if you dye your hair lavender, you might find your hair color washing out too fast. Lavender is, unfortunately, not a long-lasting color. Experts told Sunday Riley that if you want to keep your lavender tresses fresh for longer, purchase a color-care shampoo, shower with cold water, and stay out of the sun to prevent the color from fading.

You can dye parts of your hair lavender

If you're new to dyeing your hair or are afraid to plunge into the world of pastels, there are different ways to sport a lavender mane. Instead of dying all of your hair, consider a unique look by getting lavender underlights, as shown by TikTok user Although only the bottom layer of the hair is dyed lavender, the client's straight dark hair is completely transformed. 

Instagram user @samhatfieldhair demonstrates how this look appears on someone with long wavy blond hair. Or if dyeing your hair isn't an option, you can invest in lavender hair extensions or clips like TikTok user @1hairstop.

Lavender looks ethereal on long straight, or wavy hair

If you have long locks that are straight or wavy, lavender hair will you have tapping into your inner fairy princess. In a TikTok, user @hairwithmelmel briefly shows the steps she took to take her client from having thick straight dark hair to a lavender daydream. In another TikTok, user @purplesneakers_ gives viewers insights on how she retouches her fading fine lavender hair at home using Arctic Fox Hair Color. The two videos show how powerful lavender hair can be on various types of tresses. Despite their differences in hair, both look exquisite with their lavender mane. 

Sport lavender locks with a bob cut

Like to keep your hair short? Chop it off and get a bob cut to show off your lavender hair. Hairstylist Larry King told Harper's Bazaar UK that bob cuts are timeless. He explained, "It's the only haircut that can work on a four-year-old and a 94-year-old, and look incredible on all ages in between." 

Instagram user @haaratelier_patricialinkmann looks chic in a bob cut with a lavender blond balayage color. For a more modern look, consider getting a bixie haircut (a pixie and bob cut in one) with your lavender hair, as shown by Instagram user

Weave different colors into your lavender hair

Lavender hair allows you to show off your adventurous side. But if you want to experiment with even more color in your hair, you have options. For example, Instagram user and hairstylist @beauty_by_jessicajesko created a distinctive purple hair look that features one side dyed lavender and the other a dark purple hue. Similarly, @sandy.shimmer combines a light lavender shade with a darker lavender shade. Another option is dyeing your hair half lavender and the other side a shade from a different color family like, who dyed half of their client's hair lavender and the other blond.