The Unexpected Way Chelsea DeBoer Landed Her Dream Job On HGTV

Fans of "Teen Mom 2" are well acquainted with Chelsea Houska DeBoer and her husband, Cole DeBoer. Chelsea made her reality TV debut in 2010 on "16 and Pregnant," where viewers were introduced to her and her then-newborn daughter, Aubree. The South Dakota native transitioned to "Teen Mom 2" in 2011, and her relationship and subsequent marriage to Cole were well documented in the series. The pair walked down the aisle in 2016 and have expanded their family in the years since. They now have three children together, a son named Watson and two daughters, Layne and Walker.

Although they had long been fan favorites on "Teen Mom 2," Chelsea announced on Instagram in November 2020 that she and her family would no longer appear on the show. In the caption, she wrote, "We're proud to have been able to share our story and are so grateful to the fans who have followed our journey from the beginning. Our next chapter in life will focus on developing our brand and taking things to the next level with new endeavors and expanding family businesses."

However, the DeBoers did not stay away from the spotlight for long. Their home renovation series "Down Home Fab" premiered on HGTV in early 2023. Fans might be surprised to learn that Chelsea took the reins to make "Down Home Fab" a reality.

Chelsea DeBoer slipped into HGTV's DMs

"Down Home Fab" documents Chelsea Houska DeBoer and Cole DeBoer as they renovate homes in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. But how exactly did the family go from being MTV darlings to DIY masters? It all started when the couple designed their large modern black farmhouse to raise their brood. Chelsea and Cole told E! Online that this led them to create their own business, with Chelsea focusing on interior design and Cole digging into the heavy-duty construction work. Chelsea explained to the publication that an HGTV series was a natural progression for her and Cole and noted that they liked watching "Fixer Upper" together.

The series came to be after Chelsea sent HGTV a message on Instagram in March 2020. The network later revealed what the message said. Chelsea wrote, "I feel like HGTV is missing out on some quality TV by not following our home building adventures." She added, "We're ready to make the transition from mtv whenever you guys are lol!" Shortly after "Down Home Fab" premiered, HGTV told Chelsea and Cole they had renewed the series for a second season.

HGTV recorded the couple when they shared the good news with them and posted the video on Instagram. In it, Chelsea explained, "Coming from a show like "Teen Mom," I feel like it's hard to get people to believe in you, and so I never felt like anything I did, anyone took me seriously. And this just feels so good, and I just, I feel very proud of it. I'm so happy."

The former MTV star opened up about leaving the network

Chelsea Houska DeBoer was on "Teen Mom 2" for 10 seasons until her departure in 2020, and Ashley Jones from MTV's "Young + Pregnant" became Chelsea's replacement in the series. In an interview with E! Online in 2023, Chelsea divulged why she left "Teen Mom 2". She explained that she no longer wanted to publicly discuss her ex-boyfriend and her daughter Aubree's father, Adam Lind. Chelsea told the publication, "It got to the point where it was like, it didn't feel authentic to our life anymore." Cole added, "We never talked about that stuff anyway in our home, so having to do it all the time on camera? We were over it."

Chelsea went on to tell E! Online that she feels like "Down Home Fab" gives viewers more insight into who she and Cole are as a family compared to "Teen Mom 2". She said, "People obviously knew us from the show, but this is just a whole other side. It's lighthearted, which we tend to be. We like to find the fun in literally any situation no matter what it is." Chelsea told Heavy that she loves working with Cole and would not have it any other way. Season 2 of "Down Home Fab" will premiere sometime in 2024.