The Bold And The Beautiful Fans Are Outraged Over Brooke's Latest Stunt

Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) made a pact to abstain from Ridge Forrester's (Thorsten Kaye) romantic advances on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Ridge had supposedly left town to figure out what he wanted out of life, but was secretly working with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) to stop Sheila Carter's (Kimberlin Brown) reign of terror. When Ridge explained that he'd been in town all along and divulged what the two had done, they were hailed as heroes by everyone. 

Brooke and her family were going to have a celebratory dinner together, but most everyone couldn't make it — except Ridge. So, the two ate together, and when they were done, Brooke bid him goodnight and he said he would blow out all the candles and lock up before leaving. Brooke decided to later come back downstairs to double-check things, and she found Ridge still there. She was wearing her nightie and didn't expect to see him. The two were drawn to each other, but at the last second, she pulled away and honored her pact with Taylor. The next day, Brooke told Taylor about what happened, but she left out the part about being in her lingerie. Taylor off-handedly mentioned that in the old days, Brooke would have tantalized Ridge in her nightie. The awkwardness between Ridge and Brooke was apparent, but if Taylor caught on, she didn't make it known. 

Unsurprisingly, the fans had strong opinions about Brooke's antics with Ridge.

Fans are worried for Taylor's feelings

"The Bold and the Beautiful" fans are concerned that Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester are going to get back together, which will hurt Taylor Hayes. On Twitter, one viewer assumed that Brooke and Ridge will resume their relationship, posting, "Ok. This scene made me laugh & sad. Brooke clutching her pearls bc Taylor knows her so well made me laugh but knowing in long run these two are going to hurt Taylor so bad, makes me sad." The post included the clip of Taylor speculating what the old Brooke would have done when alone with Ridge. The same viewer posted a clip with another part of the same scene, writing, "Why?! Does the show feel the need to treat Taylor like this. Like she can't read a room. Why have her sitting between these two while they [sic] making googly eyes at each other. Taylor deserves a better partner and a friend than what they can offer."

Another fan championed Brooke keeping her pact with Taylor, tweeting, "Brooke's actually likable without Ridge. I don't know why [executive producer and head writer] Bradley Bell can't see this." One fan theorizing that Taylor knows something happened between Brooke and Ridge wrote, "It's the way Taylor was spot on about Brooke and the lingerie. Pretty accurate. That's how Brooke rolls and she knows that," to which Krista Allen responded with crying laughing emojis.

What happens next between these three is anyone's guess!